Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stock up for an Emergency

Our hearts go out to all the people in Japan that have been affected by the earthquake, tsunami and with the problems with the nuclear meltdown of the power plants. A few people have called concerning radiation causing thyroid problems. Its a well known fact when there is a nuclear disaster to take iodine pills to protect the thyroid. We have some good herbal choices to protect the thyroid during these times.

Thyroid Maintenance Formula or Thyroid Formula can be used to help block radioactive iodine from radiating into the Thyroid because they are both high in natural iodine.

Kelp is very high in iodine and we have Western Botanicals Kelp vegicaps, or bulk Kelp powder which can easily be mixed in juice or water or with food. Make an extract or tea with the Kelp Granules.

Black Walnut is also high in iodine, I just made a big bottle of extract last month. The extract tastes fine in water, I just do a squirt at least twice a day. I love the Black Walnut, it is a good anti-fungal, anti-parasitic helps oxygenate the blood etc. We have it available in vegicaps, bulk and extract.

For my family I like to keep about a three month supply of herbs that we use, so that if something happens we will have enough to get us through for a time.

Here are a few reasons why I choose to not use prescription medicine:

106,000 patients die from adverse reactions to drugs every year

5% of all hospital admissions are from adverse drug reactions

16,000 people die each year from over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs

50% of all serious adverse reactions to a new drug are identified before it enters the market--the rest are found out later

Supplements (including herbs) cause about 10 deaths per year, mostly from iron overdose

Taken from Prescription for Drug Alternatives - James F. Balch, MD, Mark Stengler, ND

I use herbs because they work! I find that my family spends far less money using herbs as our medicine and we can treat ourselves quicker and with better results than we ever did relying doctors and prescription medicine. I feel empowered and very capable to take care of my family’s needs. Learn how to take care of yourself and your family by taking some of the online courses through the School of Natural Healing or the Home Study Courses from the School of Natural Healing.

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