Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Herbal Medicine is EASY and IT WORKS!

A few months ago I heard that a member of my church had surgery for kidney stones and ended up losing his kidney. I couldn’t imagine what happened and no one seemed to know what had occurred. This fellow came by to visit us in our home yesterday and related to my husband and myself that he had gone in for a kidney stone and that the doctor had messed up. The errors that were made by the doctor were not fixable, so he lost the kidney and needed bladder repair work done as well.

The sad part is, if people are educated this scenario would never happen. Whenever anyone tells me that they have kidney stones I always mention that we have herbs for that, but most people never ask me what to do. One man in particular has not been able to work due to the constant problem and it is very sad when simple herbs would take care of the problem so quickly and easily. In a previous newsletter we talked about how well Hydrangea Root works for dissolving stones and calcifications of any kind. You could make a tea or make an extract with the bulk herbs at a very affordable price, or take the capsules or extract. Western Botanicals has a great little formula called Stone Dissolve Tea, you make it up in Apple Cider and drink one to two quarts daily, how hard is that? Stone dissolve tea comes in a 5 oz. recloseable bag.

When Dr. Christopher treated his patients he would hand them the herbs and say, “this is a do it yourself kit”. Meaning go home, do it, and get well. Is it too much work to mix up a tea and drink it? Why would people ever think it is better to have surgery with the risks involved? I find it very sad that people will not be open to herbal medicine and end up in the sad shape as our friend at church.

Dr Christopher's Herbal Lectures I love learning about herbs and how they can help us with our health and healing. I especially love to listen to Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Lectures and feel they are the absolute best educational value that we have. If you have ever called the School of Natural Healing to talk to David Christopher for some herbal advice and been put on hold, you have likely listened to Dr. Christopher. I learn something new every time I listen to the CD’s and my favorite place to keep them is in the car. Learning with stories gets the information into my brain and I find myself saying, I remember the story when Dr. Christopher talked about...... You can order Dr Christopher's Herbal Lectures at this link.

There would be no health care crisis if people would learn how to take care of themselves with these wonderful herbs that have been placed on the earth for our benefit. I wish you much success in taking care of yourself and your family.

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