Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is in the air, and in my nose, and in my throat.

I always find it quite amusing how my husband and I can get through a winter without getting sick, but as soon as spring comes the hayfever hits us. Hayfever can feel like a really bad cold that just doesn’t go away. It has been an adventure to find herbal formulas that will helps us get through the spring season.

NetiPot The Neti-pots have been talked about on the news, in magazines and even on our blog in the past. I know a lot of people are thinking this is too weird to use, but for allergies it is great. Using cool water helps to shrink the nasal passages and the water/salt solution helps to wash out the dust and pollen. Once people get over the inhibitions and start using it they will realize what a huge difference it makes.

Jurassic Green Quite by accident we found that drinking the Jurassic Green helps cut hay fever symptoms in half. We have never understood this, since in reality we are drinking “hay” but it really does make a difference and the health benefits gives us another reason to add it to our diet. Jurassic Green is available in powder or vegicaps.

Sinus Allergy I love Western Botanicals Sinus Allergy formula. If you have ever used any of the medications for hay fever you know that they make you tired. Sinus Allergy Formula works quickly to relieve the symptoms without the side affects, relieves sinus congestion and draining associated with allergies. It is also an immune booster to fight bacterial and viral infections, because sometimes you think it is allergies when it is a cold. Available in vegicaps, extract and syrup, making it a great choice from kids to adults.

The other night as I went to bed my throat was scratchy and I kept coughing. All I could think was I don’t need a night of this! So I thought for a minute about what to do to alleviate this problem and then sprayed my throat with the
Herbal Throat Spray and presto, immediate all night relief. I do love herbs!

Immucalm has been a great one over the years for the itchiness that drives you crazy. Immucalm is one of those formulas that I use quite often. It is great for allergy flare-ups, arthritis, allergic reactions, bug bites and stings, etc. I would try it for just about any problem and see what it does for it if you don’t have anything else on hand. Often our immune systems work against us and Immucalm gets right to work calming and soothing the reaction. Immucalm is one of those formulas to always have on hand. Available in vegicaps and extract as Kid-e-Soothe. Also available in bulk, combine equal parts of Astragalus and Marshmallow.

Stings & Bites Speaking of stings & bites, now is a good time to buy a fresh jar of Stings & Bites Ointment. This is plantain ointment which helps draw the poison out of the bites. I keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh longer.

I hope these springtime formulas will make your life more enjoyable.

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  1. I had a dream I was drowning the other night and woke up with a totally stuffed nose. I now take 3 Sinus Allergy before bed and that gets me through the night just fine. Hopefully just a few more weeks of this nonsense!