Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am forever using Complete Tissue and Bone Formula

CTF My husband and I helped my father to clean and organize his house last September to get it ready to sell. I had taken old tennis shoes to wear since we were cleaning, painting, moving things, etc. We worked hard for 9 days on our feet for about 14 hours every day. By the last day my feet were killing me and I was grateful to be going home. I started taking Complete Tissue and Bone Formula as well as using the ointment
on my feet morning and night.
complete tissue ointment
My feet were starting to feel better when we went back the end of October to help with the move. Again we were on our feet for long hours and 8 more days of work where I wore the same old shoes to work in. By the time we left my feet and ankles were so miserable I could hardly stand.
For weeks by the early evening all I could do was put my feet up and watch TV. I continued to take Complete Tissue and Bone formula as well as using it on my feet morning and night. By the end of November my feet had made no progress toward healing so I had to get help, but from who? It finally dawned on me that a chiropractor I know does sports medicine and had worked on my feet about five years earlier. I quickly made an appointment and he noticed quite a few problems that had
occurred due to the fact that my arches had fallen. Bunions, hammer toes, etc. were starting to form. He worked on my feet once a week for four weeks and I got an orthotic arch support to aid in keeping my arch in the correct position.

It has been six months since the first trip and my feet are feeling great except I can’t handle walking in bare feet for very long. Most of the damage is repaired and I can’t imagine where I would be today had I not gone to the chiropractor. With injuries, the problem needs to be corrected so that the healing can properly take place. Complete Tissue and Bone Formula is an amazing herbal formula to aid in healing as well as help with pain.
This is one of the must have formulas that we use with our family, great for overworked muscles, sprains, broken bones, bruises and more. I healed a badly sprained ankle in six hours by getting elevating my foot, icing it and going through half a bottle of Complete Tissue and Bone Formula, four capsules every half hour. I will always have this formula in my herb cabinet.

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