Monday, March 22, 2010

Herbs are for Healing

Early on in my marriage I found that going to the doctor most often didn’t solve anything and was a big waste of time and money. One of the things I really like about natural healing is being able to learn about it and use it to overcome health problems. We started out the month talking about why people choose natural healing and then learned about some great formulas to put in our own herb cabinet. I really like having a well-stocked herb cabinet because you never know when something is going to happen and what you might need.

Quite a few years ago I had some dental work done and ended up with some excruciating pain in my mouth. I’m not sure what happened but the only thing that would take care of the pain was Relax-Eze, so it was apparent to me that I had some nerve damage. I found that I needed to take 3 capsules of Relax-Eze six times a day. About the time it was better it was time for my six months check up and again more dental work. Bad news is, the same thing happened again!!! So again I took the Relax-Eze, same dosage, same amount of time. When the time came for my next dental checkup I found a new dentist. I have never had this problem happen again, so obviously it was a bad dentist and to top it off most of the work he did had to be redone!

I was talking to a customer recently who told me that she had nerve damage in her face and was in terrible pain. She couldn’t find anything to help it and had even gone to a doctor and was looking into surgery to hopefully correct the problem, but there were no guarantees that it would help at all. I related my story and then she told me that her nerve damage was also due to bad dental work.

Many of the health issues that people are having are nerve related, but most people I have talked to get no relief whatsoever going the medical route. Drugs are treating the symptoms, whereas the herbs are going to the cause. Over time healing takes place and eventually the herbs aren’t needed anymore. When I tell people how many bottles of Relax-Eze it took to get better they think that is crazy. The point is it did heal. I know people that have bought one formula or another and said that it didn’t work. Come to find out they only took a dose or two, and the truth is herbs really don’t work if you don’t take them.

If you are ready to get serious and regain your health, search through Herbal Legacy and the Christopher and Western Botanicals Catalogs and find what you need to make it happen. And then when you get your formulas experiment and find out what dosage your body needs to heal. Dosage can change over time, so to begin with more may be needed and then as healing begins to happen, adjust the dosage until it isn’t needed anymore. I love these herbs because they really work. It is worth the time to learn and worth the money to have them.

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