Friday, March 5, 2010

Drink Alkaline Water

Almost everything people consume daily is acidic, such as meat, dairy products, refined foods, beverages and even bottled water. Acid corrodes bodies. The build up of acid eats away at nerves, teeth and body tissue. Inflammation of the tissue around joints is due to acid. These acids build up and result in conditions such as arthritis and gout.

Drinking alkaline water will help the body safely and effectively rid itself of acid deposits around joints as well as everywhere else in the body. This will allow the body to heal itself. A diet change to more alkaline foods along with drinking alkaline water will help maintain good health.

Alkaline water is clean water, but more than that it is full of good minerals and smaller water molecules. To ionize the water it first goes through a filter and then a low voltage electric current is passed through the water. This causes soluble minerals to be attracted to a positive “pole” or negative “pole”, separating it into alkaline and acid water. In addition water is changed to a powerful antioxidant water that is highly oxygenated. Molecules clump in large groups of about 12 in tap water or bottled water. The molecules in alkaline water clump in groups half that size. This allows it to be 6 times more hydrating than tap water or bottled water.

The water is split into alkaline water, which is what you drink, and acid water, which is great for skin complaints. Use acid water for hair care, acne, sores and infection. Soak the infected body part in the water for an hour and look at the difference. Plants love acidic water. It is also a great sterilizer.

KYK Genesis comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty. There are machines costing more than double that will lead you to believe they have the best machine. Don’t be fooled by this advertising. KYK Genesis is the best water ionizer available at an honest price. Save hundreds of dollars by ordering from Herbs First before March 15th. If you could use a little bit of extra money, sign up as an affiliate. Once you have your own machine, let your friends try the water. Many people will buy a water ionizer after noticing a difference in how they feel after drinking the water. Drinking ionized alkaline water is one more way that you can stay healthy.

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