Thursday, February 11, 2010

Western Botanicals Quality Statement

One question that people often ask me about is the quality of the herbs that we offer and we want you to know that the herbs we carry are the best you can buy. We added Western Botanicals single herbs in bulk and extracts in 2004 because of the quality of the herbs and the huge variety available . We added Western Botanicals formulas in 2006 to give our customers a broader range of high quality formulas for their health needs.

Western Botanicals

We are a company of health minded individuals and licensed healthcare professionals. Proper health is not a mystery that only your doctor understands. Getting over an illness does not have to be complicated. Nature has provided what is

needed to get and stay healthy, but not everyone is trained to read natures instructions.

Natural herbs are whole foods that build health rather than a chemicals designed to simply suppress symptoms. Herbs have been discovered to be a natural way to restore and build a healthy body. Obtaining results with herbs is exciting, but making your own herbal remedies is empowering. For this reason we have built our business with the home herbalist in mind.

Many herbal products sold to consumers are designed for profitability of the manufacturer. The ingredients in these products are often inferior in quality. We purchase the highest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs available to insure pesticide and herbicide free products. We all want products that we can trust that are effective without paying excessive prices. By purchasing herbs in large quantities we can pass savings on to you.

We honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy. We desire to help the newborn, the aged and those without hope. We choose to help (with herbs), the person with the disease, not the disease. With herbs we can assist rather than intrude: to free rather than control. Herbs seek to correct the cause, not its effect. We know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself. We want to make a difference and with herbal medicine, everyday we get to witness miracles.

In Vigorous Health,

Dr. Kyle D. Christensen D.C. - Chiropractor, Naturopath, Master Herbalist

Randy Giboney, President, Herbalist

I want to add one thing, because people have a concern about irradiated herbs. Organic means non irradiated herbs and the same goes for Wildcrafted herbs. All the herbal products that we carry at Herbs First are either Organic or Wildcrafted and that includes the essential oils.

You can purchase Western Botancials and other herbs at Herbs First.


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