Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Herbal Ear Drops

I wish that people could take their kids to the doctor with an ear infection and he would say, we have this wonderful oil for ear infections for less than $10.00. It would certainly make the news and people would have this little bottle of oil in their homes and likely never have to take their kids to the doctor for an ear infection again. And not only that, this bottle will last about two years and take care of many ear infections in the family. Wouldn’t that be great??? You could save a lot of money, and a lot of misery with one bottle of Herbal Ear Drops.

We did the doctor route when our kids were young. We had the problem of the ear infections not getting cleared up and multiple doctors visits along with multiple prescriptions for that one infection, only to go through it all again a few months later. Not fun, and after a few years of this nonsense we finally got smart and looked into the herbal answer for ear infections and haven’t had to go to a doctor for them since. In fact, ear infections is one of the problems that got me into searching further into herbals, and got our family on track with taking care of our own health problems. What a blessing that has been, it has saved us time, money and our health!

We do have that wonderful little bottle of oil for ear infections here at Herbs First, it is called Herbal Ear Drops. It is a fabulous mixture of Garlic bulb, Mullein leaf & flower, Lobelia herb & seed, in a pure Olive Oil base. I’m sure most parents will agree that the child wakes up about the time the parents are going to bed and know that this is going to be “one of those nights”. That doesn’t have to happen anymore, because you can be ready! I keep a bottle of Herbal Ear Drops in the fridge and when I need it I pop the bottle into a cup of hot water to take the chill off. Then put 4 - 6 drops into the ear, wiggle the ear around to make sure it goes into the ear canal, put in a cotton ball and rub a drop of oil from the back of the ear and down the throat area where the eustachian tube drains. Within a few minutes the pain is gone and the child goes back to sleep and in the morning the child is fine, but I will follow through the next night to make sure it is gone.

I have talked to several parents in the past week and their children showed no signs of ear infection until the ear drum burst. This is a hard ordeal to go through. An ear scope can be bought for under $20.00 at a medical supply store and comes with a guide to help you to identify ear infections. Well worth it to add one of those to your first aid kit. Don’t put the Herbal Ear Drops into the ear if the ear drum has burst, just rub on the outside of the ear opening and from the back of the ear and down the throat as above. With the high cost of health care and prescriptions, Herbal Ear Drops will pay for itself many times over. Herbal Ear Drops come in 1 oz, 2 oz. & 4 oz, sizes, but I recommend getting the 1 oz. size and replacing it every 2 years. 1 oz. goes a long ways.

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