Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's always been about the food

“Let food be thy medicine,
 and medicine be thy food.”


    Dr. Christopher followed Hippocrates belief that food is great medicine and he taught people how to eat right to stay healthy.  Many people are still not getting it today, but then again, many are.  It amazes me the difference I feel when I eat real food vs. fake food. 

    I went to a new naturopath last week and one thing I asked him about was cherry hemangiomas that keep popping up all over my body. They are these red dots that are blood vessels that come to the surface of the skin.  I had some lasered off at a pretty high price a few years ago, but I keep getting more.  The answer was simple, eat a cup of berries a day and they should be gone in about three months! I love that he prescribed food as the medicine, just as Hippocrates and Dr. Christopher did in their day. The first day of eating berries I noticed a difference in my vision being clearer and recall that David Christopher talks about eating berries for better vision in his Maintaining Healthy Body Systems CD set

    Some people may not realize that The School of Natural Healing has a great informational website called Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy - "Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You". On this website you can learn about Dr. Christopher’s formulas that are recommended for over 180 ailments.  It also contains Dr. Christopher’s Healing Programs including the Mucusless Diet, Three Day Cleanse, Incurables Program, Candida Program and more.  I also found some great links to recipes that I hadn’t realized was there.  

    We invite you to bookmark the Herbal Legacy website and then come back and purchase the formulas at Herbs First where Dr. Christopher products are always affordably priced.  We also carry the full line of Western Botanicals Herbals that follow the same philosophy of healing.  The owners of Western Botanicals also learned from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing and I have come to rely on many of their wonderful formulations.  When you are looking for the best herbs to keep you healthy, you need look no further than Herbs First

Have a great month!

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