Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do You Have A Healthy Immune System?

Western Botanicals Immu-Defense    In the news lately is the fact that there is a bad respiratory virus going around the schools again.  My husband mentioned that people are sick at work too. Immu-Defense and Super Garlic Immune formula fight virus as well as work really well to help the respiratory system stay healthy. We have many other formulas at Herbs First that would be great to have on hand to help fight the infectious cold and flu bugs. Learn about them on our blog

Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune Formula     Western Botanicals Immu-Defense Syrup and Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula are the Anti-Plague that my son took to build his immune system.  It is pretty nasty tasting stuff, but oh so good for you. For those that have a hard time with the taste, we carry Western Botanicals Immu-Defense in capsules.  Oh happy day, you don’t have to go around with garlic breath! 

   When my son was a toddler he was the sickest kid in the winter.  He would be sick for three weeks and well for a few days and then back to being sick again.  He is adopted and it wasn’t too hard to figure out that his birth mom did not eat right.  We finally figured things out and got off sugar and junk foods, and made everything from scratch, and gave the little guy a dose of Anti-Plague every day.  After a year or so he became the healthy one, and at 25 is still very healthy! 

   I had a mom that was ordering Western Botanicals Immu-Defense Syrup for her daughter and she asked me what else she could do to help her to stay healthy.  Her daughter became a kindergarten teacher last year and keeps getting sick from the kids that are sick.  When it comes to being healthy it is because our own immune system is in good working order.  The best way to have a good immune system is to be eating the right food.  I believe that people know what that means, so we won’t focus on that here, but keep in mind if you are eating wholesome foods you will have the best health.  If you are eating junk, then your health will be just that. Junk. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure it out, but it takes people being responsibile and eating real food so they can to maintain their health.  It is worth it!

Advanced Therapy Diffuser    Another way to help yourself and others is to use the combo of Dr. Christopher's  Glandular Massage Oil with 60 drops of Garden Essence X-Plague added into the 2 oz bottle of Glandular Massage Oil.  We like to rub this on our feet as well as our neck on the tonsil area.  It will help protect you from the bugs that are flying around and possibly other people too that come in contact with you and smell it.  X-Plague is one that a teacher could diffuse in the classroom to help make the classroom a healthier place. Everyone loves the smell of X-Plague and it comes in a nice big 2 oz. bottle.  If you are a teacher, please don’t give candy as a reward. Sugar kills the immune system and makes staying healthy impossible. 

    Order Immu-Defense syrup or capsules. Super Garlic Immune Formula, Glandular Massage Oil and X-Plague by clicking on each link, or call me and I will be happy to place your order for you.  801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

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