Thursday, September 25, 2014

diffuse oils to treat the whole family!

Advanced Therapy Essential Oil Diffuser    A great way to keep the whole family treated at the same time is with a diffuser.  Diffusing is an ideal way to experience the healing benefits of essential oils. The Advanced Essential Oil Diffuser is the Most Advanced Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser System. Comes with state of the art "cold diffusion" technology, which preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits.  Order Advanced Therapy Diffuser.

Garden Essence Oils X-Plague    My favorite oil to diffuse to combat any and every type of bug around is X-Plague Essential oil blend by Garden Essence Oils. The highly anti-viral, antiseptic properties of the single oils contained in this blend help protect the body from the onset of flu, E-coli, colds, sore throats and more. This is a great smelling blend of Cloves, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiate and Rosemary.  Order X-Plague and all of your favorite oils because they are always affordably priced at Herbs First.

Western Botanicals Earth's Nutrition    Western Botanicals Formulas are also always on sale.  We have many customers that have come to love these great formulas. Western Botanicals Earth's Nutrition is a naturally balanced blend of organically grown whole foods that is specifically formulated to supply you with Natural Foods Sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and essential trace nutrients. All of the ingredients are from the finest organic sources available. Use Earth’s Nutrition to increase energy, vitality, lose weight or build better health. Compares to Dr. Schulze's SuperFood Plus at a more affordable price! Order Earth’s Nutrition powder or capsules.

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