Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Sell Products That Work!

   We appreciate our customers and we love to hear from you. At Herbs First we carry natural products that work. I have talked to many people that are discovering the Dr. Christopher’s, Western Botanicals and Garden Essence Oils lines of products and I’m always happy when they call to order more.  The comment I hear the most is “I’ve used herbs before but they didn’t do anything, but the herbs at Herbs First really work, and I need to know what else you have!”  

Immune Boost   I have a neighbor that has been sick for quite some time and she would ask me what we have that would help her.  I would give her quite a few options and she would say, well, I’m going to go to the doctor and get a Z-Pak. I would see her several weeks later and she was still complaining of being sick, and still asking what to do and then saying, I’m going to try this other thing.  After months of this I finally just gave her some of Western Botanicals Immune Boost and asked her to  give it back to me if she didn’t want to use it.  She called a few days later saying “I need to come over and pay you for this, it is working”.  I talked to her a few days ago and she is doing great.  Order Immune Boost capsules, syrup or extract.

Western Botanicals Female Balance   I talked to a woman that needed a formula for menopause that also covered emotional symptoms.  I recommended Western Botanicals Female Balance formula and every month when she calls to reorder she tells me that it has made all the difference in the world to how she feels.  Order Female Balance capsules, syrup or extract.  

Dr. Christopher’s Appetite Formula  I called a customer today because she had ordered 4 bottles of Dr. Christopher’s Appetite Formula and we only had one. I asked her if she would like to try Western Botanicals Weight Loss Formula and she said no. Then she told me that since using the Appetite Formula she was able to go off her thyroid medication.  Her brain fog has cleared up and she has more energy than ever.  She was out of it and noticed she wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t have the energy.  We sent one bottle out to her and the rest will follow as soon as it is in.  Order Appetite Formula capsules.

   I love it when people tell me how well they are doing. It makes me happy to know that we are making a difference in people’s lives with these great products! 

Have a great month!

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