Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Natural Remedies For Burns

    I don’t think anyone ever regrets being prepared for whatever might happen.  Last night while sewing  I wanted to do some ironing and noticed that I needed some water in the iron.  Forgetting that I had just plugged it in I grabbed it and yikes, it was hot!!  I ran into the kitchen to put my hand in cold water for a minute. I had burned three fingers about an inch high between the palm and first joint and boy did it hurt. I had blisters forming in two of the joints and the skin was pretty red and painful.  I ran through my list of options that I could use.

Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and bone Ointment    Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment is great for burns, I have used this and it works fast to knock out the pain and to aid in quick healing.  Because I wanted to finish my sewing project I decided not to use the ointment since I didn’t want to risk getting it on my fabric. Order Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment.

    Lavender Essential Oil – this oil is known by most people as the oil to use on burns and I thought about using it.  Only problem is, I have never liked the smell of Lavender.  I know I’m weird, because just about everyone I know loves Lavender and brags about how great it is on any type of burn. I couldn’t overcome the thought of the smell so moved on to my next option.

Bentonite Clay    Bentonite Clay – I decided to use the clay because I knew I could put it on my hand and wrap it and still work on my project without having to worry about it getting on the fabric.  I keep the hydrated mixture in a jar in the bathroom. I smeared a thick layer of wet clay on the burn and wrapped it up. My fingers immediately quit hurting and I was able to finish my sewing.  handIn the morning I took off the wrap with the clay and was amazed to see that there was only a tiny bit of white blistering left on my middle finger.  I rubbed the area and had no pain, and as the day went on that white area turned pink. All I can say is they were right, this clay is useful for everything! I wrote a blog about the clay last year about how my husband and I have used it with great success for all kinds of things. Read that post by clicking here. Print out this booklet about the many uses of Redmond's Bentonite Clay, which is where we purchase it from.  Order Bentonite Clay.

    Learning about natural medicine gives me the self-confidence that I can take care of myself and my family. It feels good that even when something bad happens I know of more than one way to fix the problem.  Bulk herbs including Bentonite Clay are and extra 5% off through 11:00 am MT May 30th. You can order all of these at Herbs First.

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