Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cayenne, for the Heart, Circulation, Headaches and more

Maintaining Healthy Body Systems    In David Christopher’s Maintaining Healthy Body Systems, CD’s he talks about a study that was done with people taking 2 capsules of cayenne a day.  Seventy percent of people that had circulation problems with numb hands or feet had those problems clear up after two months of taking that 2 capsules of cayenne!  Anyone that has studied Dr. Christopher knows that he always talked about using Cayenne for heart and circulatory health.  He was able to overcome hardening of the arteries using a teaspoon of Cayenne and Wheat Germ Oil three times a day. It sounds like a miracle that someone could take something so simple and get those kinds of results!

Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Capsyles    In the same study 80% of the people that suffered from headaches were able to get rid of them with 2 Cayenne capsules.  David states on the CD that 100% of the people that suffered from Migraine Headaches were free from any headaches when they took 2 Cayenne capsules every day.  That sounds like an easy solution to the problem!  Read more healing stories about Cayenne on Herbal Legacy.  Cayenne is a very affordable herb and is available in Dr. Christopher capsules and extract and Western Botanicals capsules, extract and bulk powder.

Wheat Germ Oil    Dr. Christopher took Wheat Germ Oil every day. Wheat Germ oil is amazing for cleaning up the plaque build-up in the arteries, which is hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. This is an affordable solution to an otherwise very alarming health problem. Wheat Germ Oil is available at Herbs First in capsules and liquid. I find it easier to take the capsules, but if you prefer liquid it is easy enough to get down.

    When you look at the risks and side effects of medications on the market it is hard to believe that so many people take them! Take control of your health and learn how to get healthy and stay healthy from The School of Natural Healing

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