Monday, November 26, 2012

Sometimes I go to the doctor

I had a little kitchen mishap the other night while preparing dinner.  I had the disposal running while holding a knife.  The knife slipped and fell into the disposal and spun around and cut my hand.  I am the type of person that avoids going to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary, but being a person that prefers self-doctoring it is also best to be wise about the situation.  The cut was in a tricky place, between my finger and thumb so I decided it best to go and get stitches. 

    We got to the Instacare where a doctor took a quick peek to make sure they could handle it and then I went to wait my turn in the waiting room. There were mostly parents with children. One child had an ear infection.  I mentioned to the mom that we were able to handle ear infections at home with Herbal Ear Drops. Garlic bulb, Mullein leaf & flower, Lobelia are a great infection killing/pain and healing formula for the ear. One small bottle will treat many infections and save a family from those late night trips to the Instacare as well as lots of money. We never had to go to the doctor once we learned about this great formula.

    There were three little kids coughing that real ugly cough that a parent hates to hear. My kids ate plenty of Anti-Plague in their growing up years as did I, the syrup that tastes so bad but is oh so good at healing.  Western Botanicals now makes it in capsules so no more yucky taste. My family goes through lots of capsules and I still make the syrup to have on hand.  Learn how to make it at this link and purchase the Anti-Plague kit here.

stitches    I finally got my turn and talked a bit with the doctor as he stitched me up.  I learned that cuts need to be stitched within 12 hours.  If a person goes longer than that they will not stitch it due ito the chances of infection.  I was happy I got right in, because I knew this spot would just burst open over and over again since it is in such a high movement place.  I got 7 stitches and it cost a pretty penny since we are not insured. I'm changing the bandage twice or more a day and putting the Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment on it to aid in the healing. I did the right thing and I should be good to prepare a nice Thanksgiving Dinner for my family!

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