Tuesday, November 13, 2012

20 different formulas all in one little bag!

travel pack of herbs
     I love to travel and I am always worried before closing the suitcase if we packed everything,  mainly with having the herbs we may need! We did fine on our trip to Arizona this past week and found that we had the herbs that we needed in our handy little herb travel pack. I was concerned at one point that I didn’t have what I needed, I’ll tell you more about that later.

     We have a couple of timeshares that we use to trade for places we want to visit, and it works out great because we always book a place with a full kitchen.  We like to cook our own food, that way we know what we are eating and don’t have to worry about GMO foods and other health hazards we may encounter eating out.  Out of the 23 meals we ate 22 we prepared ourselves.  I know most people look forward to not having to cook on vacation, so it must seem pretty weird, but it works for us.  I brought a few canned items to put together a few meals with, which gave us the option of eating out or not.  It surprised me that we didn’t eat out more often and I am pretty complacent about fixing meals if we are at home or away. 

Activated Charcoal     Near the end of the week we were about out of the fresh food and were discussing our dinner for the evening.  I had brought the fixings for chili and the weather was a bit nippy at night, so chili sounded like the perfect meal.  When I mentioned it as an option to eating out my husband said, only if you brought something for gas!  I knew that I didn’t have any Gas-Eze in my travel pack but had some Activated Charcoal he could try. He felt good about it so we made the chili, he took the Activated Charcoal and it did it’s job, no gas!  Happy day!  Read what I put in the travel kit in at this post.

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