Friday, November 16, 2012

Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

    Essential Oils are 33% off right now. The Garden Essence Essential Oil line that we carry are the highest quality available. Compare their quality to the network marketed oils, you get the same quality at an affordable price because you aren’t paying multiple levels of people making money off of what you buy.

    I consider myself a student, because there is so much to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy, and every day I learn something new.  Friends often say to me,  you are always trying to be healthy, like that is a bad thing. What is the alternative to always trying to be healthy??  That isn’t a path I want to take!  I find it better to work on being the healthiest I can be, that includes the food I eat and the herbs I ingest, and the essential oils I use, etc.

Digestion    Over the weekend I put the Digestion Blend Essential Oil to good use.  I had scallops for lunch on Sunday and a few hours later I was feeling a little off.  My whole stomach and guts just hurt!  I took some Gas-Eze and went and rubbed the Digestion Oil all over my entire abdomen.  I laid down and after about half an hour I was feeling good enough to get up and watch TV. 

    The next morning I woke up feeling ok, so exercised and took my herbs.  I worked on a few things and then was going to take a shower when the pain hit me in my gut again.  I decided that I had better use the Activated Charcoal to help absorb whatever poison might still be in me.  I couldn’t find any, but still had a bit in my travel kit, so took that and put the Digestion Blend all over my abdomen again.  Within 5 minutes I was feeling relieved of the pain and was able to take my shower and go on with my day. I used the Digestion Blend again as I went to bed that night and didn’t have a problem with it again.  I sure like having the right remedy when something happens!

X-Plague/Glandular combo    Another favorite essential oil blend is the X-Plague which is very useful during cold season.  I like to add it to a bottle of Glandular Massage Oil - 60 drops in the 2 oz. bottle.  We use this liberally on our neck and feet when we have been exposed to sick people or feel like we have a cold coming on.  This is a great combo and you get a lot of use out of it for the money.  The little roller bottles are wonderful for giving everyone their own supply of this blend which makes it very portable in a pocket or purse.

    Natural Health is easy and affordable.  I like to learn by trying new things to see how they work on me and then I share it with others.  I am proactive when it comes to my health and the health of my family.  Having herbs and oils on hand makes it easy for me to treat just about any problem that we are faced with.

    Read the last chapter of An Herbal Legacy of Courage and learn about how Dr. Christopher lost his license to practice medicine.  He did far more to help people when he began teaching people how to use the herbs to heal themselves.  His legacy lives on as we all continue to use his great formulas to help ourselves and our families.

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