Thursday, September 13, 2012

It’s back to school time, for you!

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An Herbal Legacy of Courage    This week’s reading assignment is the Introduction to An Herbal Legacy of Courage, by David Christopher. This is a biography of Dr. Christopher, and you will be reading it online at the above link. Many doctors thought Dr. Christopher would die before he was thirty-five.  He died at 73 due to a bad fall on the ice, and lived to help thousands of people learn to take care of themselves. He put together over 50 amazing herbal formulas and healing programs, as well as starting his own school the School of Natural Healing that teaches people just like you how to take care of themselves.  Follow this link to listen to a video clip and learn about enrolling in the school.
We as adults need to continue our education and any time spent learning about natural healing is time well spent!  Learning about the Dr. Christopher way of healing will benefit yourself and your family for the rest of your life and save you thousands of dollars. I love having the knowledge of how to take care of by body in a natural way.  When you know what to do for any given health problem, you can treat it much quicker and effectively and often have it solved before it can develop into a worse illness.

    Before gaining my skills in natural medicine,  as a young parent I would take my children to the doctor when they were sick and quite often nothing could be done to help them. My son Kyle had ear infection after ear infection and was on multiple courses of antibiotics that never helped. I finally figured out that going to the doctor was a waste of time and money. When we started using Herbal Ear Drops Kyle no longer suffered from ear infections.  I realized that doctors are just “practicing” medicine, so I decided to “practice” herbal medicine on my family and it has been a great success!
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