Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Going to Be a Doctor.

An Herbal Legacy of Courage    This week’s reading assignment is Chapter 1 of An Herbal Legacy of Courage book.  Please click on the above link to read the chapter.  

    Dr. Christopher’s life is full of so many amazing events.  He was left in an orphanage as an infant along with his sister, and adopted by two loving people. He nearly died as a young child, miraculously a stranger knocked on their door saying the child was not to die, that he had an important mission to perform. John's father listened as the stranger gave explicit instructions on how to cut the phlegm and stop the croup, they followed the instructions and he lived.

    Born with advanced rheumatoid arthritis, John endured excruciating pain. Doctors said he would never live to be thirty. His mother had many health issues as well, and it tore at his heart as he sat, helpless against the diseases that ravaged her and unable to ease her agony. One day she asked  what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He said a doctor. She laughed saying you can’t stand the sight of blood and he remarked back, “Mother, I will be able to heal people without cutting them up. There will be natural ways of doing it”.

Just What is the Word of Wisdom?    In his studies he came across scripture that told him he needed to eat meat sparingly, eat fruits, grains and nuts in their seasons.  John adopted a stringent diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. As he changed his diet, he noticed his rheumatism changed. With the full diet, he suffered little from the disease. He wrote and published his first book Just What is the Word of Wisdom? 

    Read chapter 1 which tells about when he was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue, only to be found breathing by his parents when they came to identify the body.......

    This is a wonderful book where you can learn Dr. Christopher's amazing life's journey and how he came to formulate many of his famous herbal formulas.

    How did you first become interested in natural healing?


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