Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dissolving Kidney and Gall Stones

A friend recently told me that she and her daughter were having problems with kidney stones which always happens late at night.  Unfortunately I was hearing about this after they received medical treatment for the problem.

Stone Dissolve TeaStone Dissolve tea is famous for its action as a dissolver for calculi (stones). Drink 1 to 2 quarts daily of tea made with apple cider to dissolve stones in the kidneys and entire urinary tract. The herbs in Stone Dissolve tea will also assist in the removal of gall bladder stones, and is soothing to inflamed tissue and assists smooth and painless release of the stones. The success of this herbal routine has been documented with pre and post x-rays and has helped many avoid surgery. Stone Dissolve tea is available in 5 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bulk bags.

Last year on our blog I talked about a member of my church that had gone in for a“simple” stone removal surgery.  Something went wrong and he lost his kidney as well as needing bladder repair, spending many days in the hospital and months of recovery.  Sadly, this poor guy has not fully recovered and has had health problems since that time.

Years ago I was having back pain that just wouldn’t go away. After talking to a friend who was having kidney stones and comparing the symptoms, I felt pretty sure that I was having kidney stones. I started thinking about what I was doing that was different and I realized that I wasn’t drinking Jurassic Green like I had been months earlier. I looked up the ingredients in Jurassic Green and found that Alfalfa is good for dissolving gravel.
Jurassic Green
Gravel is the same as stones, so I decided that I needed to continue drinking the Jurassic Green.  After just one dose the pain was gone and it has been many years since then and I have continued drinking Jurassic Green and I have never had the kidney stone problem again. This is amazing because most people continue to have problems with stones. I don't know if Jurassic Green would work for everyone, I would suggest using the Stone Dissolve Tea as the best option.  Jurassic Green has been great for me on so many levels.  I like to use the Jurassic Green powder and add it to juice, it is also available in capsules.

There are too many risks for me to put my health into the hands of another person, no matter how much education they may have.  Herbal remedies are simple, effective and affordable.  How hard is it to make a tea or mix some powder into juice and drink it down?  It isn’t hard.  How happy are we when a health issue such as kidney stones happens to us and we have $20.00 worth of herbs that can take care of the problem quickly? We are very happy, and have more time and money in our pockets because we can take care of it ourselves!

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