Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little bottle of herbs saves a trip to the hospital

    My husband and I walk around our neighborhood almost every day, and quite often we cross paths with a friend in our neighborhood who knows that we are into herbs.  Over the weekend she stopped us and asked if we had any Lower Bowel Formula on hand.  I said that we did and she said she would drop by later to pick it up.  She mentioned that her gut was in so much pain and was hoping it would help.  I’m glad she mentioned that because I didn’t think it was the Lower Bowel Formula that she needed.  She asked what it was for and I said to normalize things especially if a person were constipated.  She said she didn’t have that problem, what else did I have?  I said I thought I might have something that would help, but would have to look.  I was sure hoping that I had an unopened bottle available, since it isn’t something we need very often.

    She came over and I had a bottle of Soothing Digestion which is a combo of Slippery Elm & Licorice.   She mentioned that she has high blood pressure and couldn’t have the Licorice and hoped I might have something else for her.  I went to the cupboard hoping I had something else and was able to pull out a bottle of Gas-Eze which has the Slippery Elm in it along with some other great herbs.  She was excited gave me a check and took it home. 

    She called me in the morning and said it was the best $12.00 she had ever spent!  She went on to say that the pain had been so bad that she was ready to go to the hospital that night. After taking the herbs she slept so well and pain free, that she even slept in.  We saw her on our walk again today and she told us that she had tried everything the doctor had prescribed as well as every over the counter medicine on the market and had been suffering with this for four years! She said we had saved her a trip to the hospital, which I was quite grateful for because good things rarely happen at the hospital!

    Gastrointestinal problems are quite prevalent in our society with the abundance of convenience foods that we have available.  I have major issues any time I eat food with artificial sweeteners in them such as sorbitol, maltitol, etc.  I will have days of misery with bloating and just downright terrible gas pains.  I have learned my lesson to stay away from anything artificial anymore, it just isn’t worth it.  I also keep the formulas on hand should I mistakenly eat something that doesn’t work for my system.

Soothing Digestion    Soothing Digestion has been available in capsules for about a year and comes in a nice big 180 capsules bottle.  It is commonly used in the Candida Program and also helps with digestion, gas, and other digestive problems including leaky gut syndrome.  The Slippery Elm is so soothing and healing to the gut.  Licorice has been known to strengthen the stomach's natural lining while healing existing ulcers.  This combo has been a great one for me if I get over acidic, it works quickly to bring me back to a balanced state.  People with high blood pressure should stay away from this one, since the licorice does cause problems for some people.  This is a great one to have in the cupboard when the need arises.

Gas-Ezet    Gas-Eze which is also available in a bottle of 100 capsules contains Cayenne, Papain, Slippery Elm Bark, Caraway Seed, Ginger Root, and Catnip.  Cayenne increases the body’s ability to produce HCL which increases the body’s ability to digest anything in the stomach.  Papain is well known as a digestive aid. Slippery Elm has amazing healing and soothing properties.  Caraway seed is very useful for relieving gas.  Ginger treats the cramping caused by gas and Catnip relieves pain and prevents spasms.  My husband takes a couple of capsules when ever I cook anything with beans in it and he says it does a good job for him. 
    I talked about these in a previous blog, you can read it here.  Both Soothing Digestion and Gas-Eze are great ones to have on hand when you need them.

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