Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Staying Healthy from Infancy to the over 100 Year Old

My daughter recently got sick and posted on Facebook, “I’m not happy with whoever got me sick”. My kids were raised using these wonderful herbs but now that they are in their twenties and on their own they have become a bit stubborn about taking them. Hopefully they will make the connection that the food they eat affects their immune system.

Here at Herbs First we have a huge variety of formulas to treat anyone from the infant on up to the very oldest person for many ailments. When kids get sick we as parents want to run off to the doctor to get them well. The problem is, most often there isn’t anything the doctor can do, yet they will write a prescription for an antibiotic because the parents are expecting something for their money. For much less than the cost of a co-pay to visit the doctor and the cost of medication we can have on hand herbal formulas that will take care of the problem before it develops into a severe illness.

Kid-e-MuneA few years ago we had an infant in our home for a few days and when he was two days old I realized that he was coming down with something. My first feelings were of panic, thinking, oh no, what do I do? I always keep stocked up at home, so I looked to see what would be appropriate for an infant. I had Kid-e-Mune which is Echinacea and just the thing to give someone to boost their own immune system. I gave him five drops three or four times that day and the illness was stopped and the baby stayed healthy. It is much easier to stop a cold than to get rid of it if you let it develop to that point.
Herbal Ear Drops
Ear infections are quite a common occurrence for many children and in the news lately they are reporting that most ear infections go away within a few days and that doctors often aren’t prescribing anything for them. If you are a parent of a child with an ear infection you know you want to be able to do something for them. Herbal Ear Drops are the miracle cure for ear infections and for a mere $9.00 you can have a one ounce bottle in your home that will treat many ear infections and it will save many nights lost sleep to have Herbal Ear Drops in your refrigerator.
Glandular Massage and X-Plauge
A favorite of mine is the Glandular Massage Oil with the X-Plague Essential Oil blend mixed in, about 30 drops of X-Plague per ounce of Glandular Massage Oil. We use it any time we are exposed to sick people or if we feel a sore throat coming on. This is a great little blend and so easy to use. It smells so good and is an excellent formula to rub on kids necks as they head off to school. X-Plague is highly anti-viral. The antiseptic properties of the single oils contained in X-Plague help protect the body from the onset of flu, E-coli, candida, colds and sore throats.

I like to keep the Immune System Formula, Infection Formula, Anti-Plague capsules and Super Garlic Immune Formula on hand and will take Immune System with either Anti-Plague or Infection formula at the first sign of illness. If I didn’t respond quick enough and illness is coming on fast and strong, I will hit it hard by taking the the formulas every half hour for a day or two until I am well. It isn’t very often that I will get to that point, and if I do the symptoms are much milder and go away much quicker than doing nothing. Super Garlic Immune is used if things are going downhill and I hit that hard taking a tablespoon every half hour until I am well.

For about $100.00 you can have one of each item mentioned in this newsletter. The Glandular Massage Oil/X-Plague likely will last the whole season. The Herbal Ear Drops if kept in the refrigerator will last two years, a 1 ounce bottle is the right size for most families and will take care many ear infection episodes. A bottle of Kid-e-Mune could last the season for one child if used right at the first sign of illness if it doesn’t progress. I like to have about three bottles of the Immune System Formula, Anti-Plague Capsules and Infection Formula capsules on hand and replace them as I need them. The Super Garlic Immune Formula is kept on hand for the worst illness and each person in the family would need at least one 16 oz. bottle to get over a hefty illness. It is affordable and easy to be prepared for the winter season and avoid the high cost of health care when you know how to take care of yourself and your family.

Order online or call me and I'll be happy to take your order. 1-801-228-1901

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Affordable Herbal Formulas For Health and Healing

We strive to provide the highest quality products at the best possible price here at Herbs First. We feel that we have accomplished that with Dr. Christopher’s Formulas and Western Botanicals Formulas. People often comment that the Western Botanicals formulas are very similar to Dr. Schulze products, but at a much more affordable price. Being able to afford health products is important along with getting herbal formulas that work. Both Dr. Schulze and the owners of Western Botanicals learned from The School of Natural Healing. If you have bought Dr. Schulze's products in the past but find them to be too expensive, then please compare the Western Botanicals Formulas. You will find them to be the same high quality at a more affordable price. We invite you to enjoy these great formulas. Please be sure to compare the ingredients as the formulas may not be exactly the same.

Western Botanicals Formula Dr Schulze Formula

Blood Detox Formula Detox Formula

Brain Circulation Formula Brain Formula

Colon Cleanse Intestinal Cleanse #1

Colon Detox Intestinal Cleanse #2

Colon Cleanse Syrup Intestinal Cleanse #3

Deep Heat Oil Deep Tissue Oil

Earth's Nutrition Superfood

Essential Aircare (Eucalyptus) Air Detox

Female Balance Formula Female Formula

Ginseng Plus Super Ginseng Formula

Heart Formula Heart Formula

Herbal Anti-Septic Anti-Infection Formula

Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate Tooth & Gum

Herbal Super Tonic Super Tonic

Kidney/Bladder Formula KB Formula

Kidney/Bladder Tea KB Tea

Liver/Gallbladder Formula LG-AP

Liver Detox Tea Detox Tea

Nerve Calm Formula Nerve Formula

Sensual Enhancement Formula Male Formula

We hope you will enjoy using these great herbal formulas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eliminating Arthritis - Yes it can be done, I did it!

In the world of regular medicine the belief is that they can help you with the symptoms of arthritis (or any other disease), but there is no cure. I didn't want to believe that, and I am proof of the fact that Arthritis can be overcome.
Fourteen years ago I had a surgery where I lost 40% of my blood. I woke up hurting all over, the pain from the surgery wasn't anything in comparison to the head to toe pain I was in. A few weeks after I got out of the hospital I went to my doctor and told him of the pain I was in. I thought that I had picked up some strange virus - he tested my blood and found that I had full-blown Rheumatoid Arthritis. Over the years previous to this I had little bouts of arthritis for a day or two usually in my shoulder or knee, but this time was different. I wasn't using the Christopher formulas back then like I do now, so for the first year I was going from one product to another trying to get relief. I honestly thought that I would end up in a wheelchair because I wasn't getting any better. I had gout so bad in my feet that I couldn't wear shoes, so I wore sandals or slippers. My hands were so swollen that I couldn't open or close my hands and my strength was nonexistent, I was dropping things all the time. My feet, ankles, knees, elbows, hands and back hurt all the time and I would get flare-ups in my jaw that would make eating very difficult because my teeth couldn't meet to chew.
After that terrible first year I went into my local health food store which specialized in the Christopher products and started on the road to healing. I began with the Jurassic Green which I thought was a funny product to be taking for this problem, but after the first week on this grass juice I was 50% better. The inflammation came way down in my hands and feet, the relief was incredible. I could always tell if I forgot to take it because my hands would swell up and remind me. Jurassic Green is one that I still take today even though the arthritis is gone. I have found that it helps keep Kidney Stones from forming and hay fever gets less and less severe every year that I stay on it.
The other two products that I started on were Complete Tissue & Bone Formula (capsules & ointment) and the Joint Formula. The thing about these two formulas is they have similar herbs in them, so I thought that possibly one of them could do the job alone. I would try Complete Tissue Formula alone and would still be in pain, then I would try just the Joint Formula alone and I was still in pain. I found that when I took both of them together they took care of the pain as well as the healing. For the first few years I took 3 to 4 capsules four times a day of both formulas and then over time was able to cut back until I didn't need them anymore.  I would add Dandelion capsules when the gout was really bad in my feet, it helped break up the uric acid crystals that made it feel as if I was walking on broken glass inside my feet. 
I also had to look at my diet and eliminated for the most part beef and sugar which seemed to be the two culprits that caused the most severe flare-ups. The herbal program was not an overnight program, or even a one month or a one year program. It took me a full four years to overcome arthritis 100%. I would talk to people during the this time about what I was doing and they would say you have been doing this for how long and aren't all better yet?? They didn't wait for the rest of the story and I'm sure that those people are still dealing with the same pain that they were in back then. After taking classes at The School of Natural Healing I learned that cleansing would have helped me to heal much faster, as described in Dr. Christopher's notes that follow below. My hope is that people will learn that they can overcome Arthritis or any other disease, and that the Christopher products make that healing possible.

Dr. Christopher answers the question about arthritis below, used by permission, The School of Natural Healing, Springville, Utah.
Eliminating Arthritis
Question: Can something be done besides just working on the effect of arthritis? Can't something be done to eliminate arthritis instead of just bringing temporary relief of pain?
Answer: Yes. Many people have had permanent relief from arthritis, not just temporary.
When we speak of arthritis we speak of a general term. Actually there are over forty different forms of this disease. They all stem back to a toxic condition of the body. The treatment of this condition must be from the point of reversing the cause by rebuilding the entire body to a higher nontoxic condition, as mentioned in the article on rebuilding and cleaning the bowel. It is inevitable that when an arthritic is badly constipated, the stiffness and pain are worse. The procedure is: (1) clean the bowel with
Lower Bowel Formula, and (2) detoxify the body by clearing the blood stream of poor blood with the Blood Stream Formula, and have a good powerful flow of healthy blood coursing through the body to deliver food to the area and carry off toxic waste. Use our arthritis formula [Joint Formula].

Cayenne should be used six days a week, each week of program. This herb is, as are the others, a food and not a drug. Work up to a teaspoon of Cayenne three times a day.
Apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses are also beneficial. Use a tablespoon of each in a glass of distilled water three times each day. Take a tablespoon or more of wheat germ oil three times a day.
Remember to drink no less than one gallon of pure steam-distilled water for a person 130 lbs. or over, every day (less or more, one ounce of distilled water to each pound the person weighs).
For severe and painful joints or areas, the use of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula is useful.... The reaction on arthritis is this: the Oak Bark is an astringent and tones up the area, and it is also high in Potassium Chloride to keep the fibrin in motion and not allow further deposit accumulations. The Mullein and Lobelia work on the glands and lymph system to keep the area clear and ready to carry off unwanted debris; Wormwood relieves pain; the Scullcap keeps the spinal cord alert and working smoothly to assist in body motion; Comfrey Root is a cell proliferant, causing the good cells to grow rapidly and push off the dead cells and unwanted accumulations (note that in the syrup and capsules Comfrey has been replaced with other herbs due to the FDA - if you would like to use the product with comfrey then order the bulk BF&C); Walnut Bark is high in iodide and is one of the few plants specific in clearing fungus and is extremely high in Potassium Chloride for the blood and lymph, Potassium Sulfate for skin and mucous membrane, and Potassium Phosphate for the brain and nerve food. The Gravel Root is a solvent to leach off the inorganic calcification (from tap water and processed foods, etc.) and make place for the organic calcium derived from the Comfrey, Oak Bark, and some of the other herbs used in this combination.
We use this formula Complete Tissue & Bone Formula (BF&C) as a fomentation over the painful areas, and if the case is severe, follow the fomentation procedure mentioned in Curing the Incurables. Some of this tea, a cup or more daily, is taken internally with good results.
To make the fomentation stronger simmer the strained tea down to 1/2 its original amount (called 3 power) or simmer down to 1/4 its original amount (called 7 power). If you wish to drink some of the concentrated tea, dilute it with distilled water. Drink a cup or more of this tea each day.
There are many other aids to help, but space does not allow more to be given to this subject. Never use dry heat for arthritis, always use moist heat such as a hot water bottle wrapped with a damp towel, fomentations, etc. Dry heat solidifies the inorganic minerals into place, while moist heat aids in dispersing them. [NL 1-1]
Jurassic Green is available in capsules and powder.
Complete Tissue and Bone Formula is available in capsules, syrup, ointment, oil and bulk cut and powder as BF&C.
Joint Formula is available in capsules and bulk powder as AR-1.
Lower Bowel Formula is available in capsules, extract and bulk powder as Fen LB.
Blood Stream Formula is available in capsules, extract and bulk powder as Red Clover Combination.
Cayenne is available in capsules, extract and bulk powder.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hydrangea for Gout, Stones of all kinds and mo

Gout Foot I have seen a lot of commercials lately for a gout medication and the kicker at the end is the long list of side effects, one being gout flare ups as well as liver and heart problems. I was hit with gout 15 years ago after a surgery, along with head to toe arthritis. Not a fun time in my life!

You might think the photo is funny but I felt like I was walking on broken shards of glass inside my feet. I could only wear slippers or sandals for about three years until I was finally able to heal the problem. I tried lots of other herb products for the first year and finally found Dr. Christopher’s formulas. The first week on his products I was 50% better. Jurassic Green was incredible for reducing the inflammation and I would take it twice a day to help with the swelling in my hands and feet.

I used Dandelion for the gout and it did a great job and have since learned that Hydrangea would have helped the gout much better, as well as the arthritis and calcifications that were quickly forming on my finger joints. Why would anyone take a drug that may cause flare-ups as well as heart and liver problems when you can take a simple herb that will take care of the problem and cause no harm? I’ll discuss more next week on the formulas I took to overcome the arthritis.

Hydrangea is an amazing herb that dissolves calcifications. Bone Spurs, Kidney stones, Gall Stones and Bladder stones are all calcifications and if you have ever had a problem with any kind of stones you know you will do anything to get rid of them. Hydrangea also increases the flow of urine and will remove the stones and the pain caused by them. Hydrangea purifies the blood, is a great aid for bedwetting, helpful for prostate infections and inflammation and bladder infections.

Hydrangea is available in vegicaps, extract and bulk.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Losing more weight on my Third Cycle of HCG ezTrim

Kathryn, Olympic Torch I hadn’t planned on doing another cycle of HCG this year, but saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a year and she has lost 100 lbs. and looks incredible. She mentioned that she had just started another weight loss cycle and I said, “even with the holidays here soon? “ and she said that is what she did last year. It got me thinking, why am I waiting until next year? A week ago I got going again. I have lost a few more pounds for a total of 56 lbs, if you count the loading weight I’ve lost 68 lbs. since the middle of May. I am getting pretty close to being where I need to be, I’m working on that little poochy tummy and then I’ll call it good. This is a photo of me at the Utah Olympic Park holding the torch. I feel like a gold metal winner already!
For people that might be ready to start another round you will notice that the HCG ezTrim tastes different. The FDA has made some rulings on the homeopathic HCG that it needs to be an alcohol base. I loved the mineral water base and it worked well for me, but so far with this new formulation I notice that I am NOT having the hunger problems that I was having with the mineral water formula. I also lost 2 lbs more this first week than the last cycle and half a pound more than the first week of my first cycle.
The last two cycles I didn’t experiment much with recipes, but this time I have been using the recipes from HCG Recipes Blog. I really like the mock shake ‘n bake and did my own version using 1/2 cup minced dried onions and a teaspoon of italian spice blended fine in a blender. One large chicken breast makes three servings, so I just washed and cut the chicken and dipped it in the “crumbs” and baked for about 18 minutes in the oven. I like cooking the meats in advance so was able to eat one and store two servings. It’s great reheated on the stove to keep the outside crunchy and sliced up over a salad. Its getting cold here in Utah and I love soup in the cold weather. The recipe for Effortless Cream of Chicken soup is really tasty and effortless. I have also been enjoying the apple crisp, not quite as good as the real thing, but a good substitute and makes me feel like I am having a nice treat.
I still have to mentally “get there” quite often, Halloween was really hard with the candy. We had plenty of trick-or treaters come and wipe us out, and that was a rough night for me. I went through a lot of gum, its not easy to not be able to munch on something. I was rewarded in the morning with a nice loss, so it made the pain worth it. Lots of people that see me are asking about the diet. Some have tried it and others are thinking about it. You really need to mentally prepare yourself for this diet, because old habits die hard. Keep committed to eat only the foods that are allowed and success will be yours!Cleanse Kit
I’ve talked to several people that aren’t losing weight like others are. The first part of the protocol talks about cleansing being HIGHLY recommended. The reason that cleansing is so important for weight loss is that fat stores toxins. So the heavier a person is the more toxins they have. If you aren't losing weight, the fat is holding on to the toxins for dear life, your dear life that is. The fat is protecting you from the damage that toxins can cause. So give your fat helping hand and cleanse first. Cleansing using the cleanse kit is easy and affordable and one kit lasts about two months. It is worth the time and the money.

Pile of clothes
The huge pile of clothes that no longer fit.

If you are considering the HCG ezTrim diet, please thoroughly read through the protocol and make sure you understand what is involved. The diet works for everyone that follows the diet plan, but it is hard and takes determination. Remember to cleanse first for the best success and feel free to email me or call me at 801-228-1901 for support.