Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hydrangea for Gout, Stones of all kinds and more

Gout Foot I have seen a lot of commercials lately for a gout medication and the kicker at the end is the long list of side effects, one being gout flare ups as well as liver and heart problems. I was hit with gout 15 years ago after a surgery, along with head to toe arthritis. Not a fun time in my life!

You might think the photo is funny but I felt like I was walking on broken shards of glass inside my feet. I could only wear slippers or sandals for about three years until I was finally able to heal the problem. I tried lots of other herb products for the first year and finally found Dr. Christopher’s formulas. The first week on his products I was 50% better. Jurassic Green was incredible for reducing the inflammation and I would take it twice a day to help with the swelling in my hands and feet.

I used Dandelion for the gout and it did a great job and have since learned that Hydrangea would have helped the gout much better, as well as the arthritis and calcifications that were quickly forming on my finger joints. Why would anyone take a drug that may cause flare-ups as well as heart and liver problems when you can take a simple herb that will take care of the problem and cause no harm? I’ll discuss more next week on the formulas I took to overcome the arthritis.

Hydrangea is an amazing herb that dissolves calcifications. Bone Spurs, Kidney stones, Gall Stones and Bladder stones are all calcifications and if you have ever had a problem with any kind of stones you know you will do anything to get rid of them. Hydrangea also increases the flow of urine and will remove the stones and the pain caused by them. Hydrangea purifies the blood, is a great aid for bedwetting, helpful for prostate infections and inflammation and bladder infections.

Hydrangea is available in vegicaps, extract and bulk.


  1. Dear Kathryn, how would you take hydrangea root powder if you would have had gallbladder stones or kidney stone? All internet sources are shy of giving doses. The best info so far I found was 2 gr. for not more than three day. Taking it for longer time could be dangerous. I can't see why, unless it would dissolve ate your teeth 😁? Please let me know and this is my email: gevnika@gmail.

    1. I really like the Stone Dissolve Tea which contains hydrangea root. The marshmallow in it helps make things spongy so it wouldn't be so painful to pass the stones:

  2. Kathryn, please let know how you use confer as a cure all. Would it work for staff infections? Burns? Have you used it Internally? Thank you.

  3. do you mean comfrey? I have used it internally and externally my whole life. Internally as a syrup or extract, externally as an ointment, fomentation, or poltice.