Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Losing more weight on my Third Cycle of HCG ezTrim

Kathryn, Olympic Torch I hadn’t planned on doing another cycle of HCG this year, but saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a year and she has lost 100 lbs. and looks incredible. She mentioned that she had just started another weight loss cycle and I said, “even with the holidays here soon? “ and she said that is what she did last year. It got me thinking, why am I waiting until next year? A week ago I got going again. I have lost a few more pounds for a total of 56 lbs, if you count the loading weight I’ve lost 68 lbs. since the middle of May. I am getting pretty close to being where I need to be, I’m working on that little poochy tummy and then I’ll call it good. This is a photo of me at the Utah Olympic Park holding the torch. I feel like a gold metal winner already!
For people that might be ready to start another round you will notice that the HCG ezTrim tastes different. The FDA has made some rulings on the homeopathic HCG that it needs to be an alcohol base. I loved the mineral water base and it worked well for me, but so far with this new formulation I notice that I am NOT having the hunger problems that I was having with the mineral water formula. I also lost 2 lbs more this first week than the last cycle and half a pound more than the first week of my first cycle.
The last two cycles I didn’t experiment much with recipes, but this time I have been using the recipes from HCG Recipes Blog. I really like the mock shake ‘n bake and did my own version using 1/2 cup minced dried onions and a teaspoon of italian spice blended fine in a blender. One large chicken breast makes three servings, so I just washed and cut the chicken and dipped it in the “crumbs” and baked for about 18 minutes in the oven. I like cooking the meats in advance so was able to eat one and store two servings. It’s great reheated on the stove to keep the outside crunchy and sliced up over a salad. Its getting cold here in Utah and I love soup in the cold weather. The recipe for Effortless Cream of Chicken soup is really tasty and effortless. I have also been enjoying the apple crisp, not quite as good as the real thing, but a good substitute and makes me feel like I am having a nice treat.
I still have to mentally “get there” quite often, Halloween was really hard with the candy. We had plenty of trick-or treaters come and wipe us out, and that was a rough night for me. I went through a lot of gum, its not easy to not be able to munch on something. I was rewarded in the morning with a nice loss, so it made the pain worth it. Lots of people that see me are asking about the diet. Some have tried it and others are thinking about it. You really need to mentally prepare yourself for this diet, because old habits die hard. Keep committed to eat only the foods that are allowed and success will be yours!Cleanse Kit
I’ve talked to several people that aren’t losing weight like others are. The first part of the protocol talks about cleansing being HIGHLY recommended. The reason that cleansing is so important for weight loss is that fat stores toxins. So the heavier a person is the more toxins they have. If you aren't losing weight, the fat is holding on to the toxins for dear life, your dear life that is. The fat is protecting you from the damage that toxins can cause. So give your fat helping hand and cleanse first. Cleansing using the cleanse kit is easy and affordable and one kit lasts about two months. It is worth the time and the money.

Pile of clothes
The huge pile of clothes that no longer fit.

If you are considering the HCG ezTrim diet, please thoroughly read through the protocol and make sure you understand what is involved. The diet works for everyone that follows the diet plan, but it is hard and takes determination. Remember to cleanse first for the best success and feel free to email me or call me at 801-228-1901 for support.


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