Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lymphatic System

Infection formula
The lymphatic system aids the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system. It removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins from the cells and the tissue spaces between them. The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body.

If you don’t keep the lymph system clean and working then obviously you are going to have health problems. A great formula for the lymph system is the
Infection Formula which at one time was called the Lymphatic Formula For a person dealing with a lot of illness along with using the cleaning kit, the Infection Formula would be quite helpful.
Another great way to keep the lymphatic system flowing is the daily use of a rebounder. A rebounder is also known as a mini-trampoline. I have used a rebounder for about 30 years and they are a really fun way to get exercise. I start my morning with stretches, some light weight/resistance training and then I jump on the rebounder for few minutes of light bouncing, followed by a 20 minute run and at the end light bouncing again. I know many of people that love to run, but I just can’t handle running out on the road, it just hurts too much. The rebounder is a low-impact exercise that anyone can do and is easy on your joints.

I have bought the $35.00 Walmart variety mini-trampolines and
the mats have way too much give. The type that are best are a
bit stiffer and you have less chance of hurting yourself. The inexpensive ones will not hold up to the constant daily use and you will go through many rebounders over the years. The ReboundAir that we carry has a life time warranty and is well worth the money. The
standard and half fold rebounders are for people under 300 lbs. The Ultimate Rebounder is for people over 300 lbs. Most people will do fine with the Standard non-folding unit. People of all ages love it, my dog even likes to hop on with me. There is a Stabilizing Bar available which is good for older people that may be unsteady on their feet. You will never regret ordering a rebounder. I like to go for a quick 5 minute run any time I am feeling a bit tired, it wakes me up and gives me lots of energy. A five minute light bounce before bed is very relaxing and helps me calm down for the night. This is a great item for the whole family.

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