Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sinus Infection

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Infection FormulaI had a new experience this past week that I have never had before. I thought I was just having severe hayfever and all week, I had had a pretty bad headache that just wouldn’t go away, in spite of eating healthy, drinking lots of water, cleansing herbs, etc. By the end of the week my nose was very sore and somewhat swollen, so my thoughts were that I must have a sinus infection. I asked Hollie if that’s how it felt, since she has had them and she confirmed it. I had been taking lots of the Sinus Allergy Formula along with Immucalm for the symptoms, so I then added the Infection Formula in with that mix. Monday morning when I got up I was finally feeling much better. I’ll continue with the herbs for a few more days to get it totally cleared out of my head. I’m happy that I always have my favorite herbs on hand when I need them! Infection Formula is one that I use quite often when I have a cold coming on. It is another one of my must have Christopher formulas.

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