Friday, June 18, 2010

Eye Infection/Pink Eye

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Herbal Eye combo

I have been faithfully using Christopher’s Herbal Eyebright Eyewash and Western Botanicals Herbal Eyewash Formula combined for about a month and half now. From the first day using it my vision has been much clearer, and now that I’ve been using the combined eyewash daily I don’t wake up with blurry problems from the cataracts. I have worn glasses since I was 2 years old and I don’t know if it will be able to correct my vision problems due to the fact that I had three surgeries as a child and I have a very severe astigmatism. My hope is that it will dissolve the cataracts and if it does more then that will be a bonus. As I mentioned in my April newsletter-blog, I combine the two because I have dry eyes and can’t handle more than one drop of Christopher’s formula due to the cayenne. I use Western Botanicals Herbal Eyewash formula without cayenne and combine it with Christopher's to be able to get the healing benefit from all of the other herbs in the formulas. I use the eye cups once a day and wash each eye for at least a minute. Dr. Christopher says to try to do it for five minutes, I have a ways to go to meet that goal. I also mix up a tiny dropper bottle of the combined formulas and use it throughout the day. Its a busy life and this method works well for me. I’m going to continue on for a total of six months and then get a checkup and see how I am doing.

Last Friday my right eye was hurting a bit so I decided not to use the eyewash. On Saturday morning my eye was slightly red and I wondered if I had pink eye, but we were headed off to a morning wedding so we went on our way. As the day progressed every time I looked in the mirror my eye was redder and redder and hurt a bit more. By the time we got home at five in the evening it was very obvious to me that I did indeed had a little infection going on. Lucky for me I had the solution to the problem, and had I used the Herbal Eyebright/Eyewash combo on Friday I likely would have had a much better Saturday. I mixed up the formulas and started using them quite a few times that night, by the time I went to bed that night my eye was no longer red and felt fine when I got up in the morning.

A little trip to Instacare with a prescription would have likely cost $75.00 - $100.00. Having one of these formulas on hand at a cost of about $11.00 is worth it, and it lasts longer than one treatment. Since these formulas are alcohol extract they have a very long shelf life, so if you bought it today and didn’t need it for ten years, ten years from now it will be fine to use it. It is best to get two
eyecups, one for each eye so if there is infection you don't spread it from eye to eye.

More information about using the
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  1. f you have kids, you almost certainly know about an eye infection known as pink eye. Adults can get it, too. If the redness is from a form of pink eye known as conjunctivitis, you will also have other symptoms such as itching, burning or stinging, discharge, swelling, watering — or a combination of the above. Arizona eye care said that, Some forms of pinkeye are contagious, and some are not. Allergic conjunctivitis, for example, is not contagious. But viral and bacterial forms of pink eyes are contagious. So it's best to see your eye doctor or family doctor for diagnosis and possible treatment.