Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is Bottled Water Good for You?

The average person today chooses to drink bottled water over tap water. If you ask someone the reason they drink bottled water, the typical response is, "It tastes better" or "It's cleaner". We've all heard it and more than likely we have said it ourselves.

What most of us may not know is that the FDA regulates bottled water as a packaged food product. You may be thinking, "Well, it has to be better for you then, right?" Although there are strict guidelines, a four year scientific study of 1000 brands of bottled water performed by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that 1/3 of the bottled waters violated their own industry standards. Also, they found that the water contained bacteria and even arsenic.

Bottled water is no better than tap water. Blind taste tests have been performed to see how many people actually preferred the bottled water over the tap water. During one test, 75% of the participants picked the bottle that was filled with tap water over the store bought bottled water.

So, bottled water does not taste better, and is not cleaner. In fact, many bottled water labels state that the source of the water is a municipal water supply. This means that you just paid $1.50 or more for the same water that's coming out of your faucet. The only difference between bottled water and tap water is that bottled water leaves you with a landfill full of plastic bottles.

According to Erik Olson, drinking water expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council, on bottled water, "Pepsi was the first to see it and got involved. They used their existing marketing and their existing transportation and so on. They're making money hand over fist just by basically selling Coke or Pepsi without the syrup in it f

or as much or more than they sell the Coke or Pepsi."

Alkaline water, on the other hand, has been shown in many scientific studies to truly be cleaner and improve your health. Alkaline water is linked to weight loss, helping with diabetes, helping with cancer and many other diseases in the world today. It has also been shown to be six times more hydrating than regular tap water or bottled water. You will pay approximately $400 per year for bottled water, drinking one bottle of water per day. As we all know, we need much more than that to stay healthy. Now we are looking at approximately $1600 per year to stay properly hydrated, but we are also paying to consume bacteria and poisons. Not to mention, over 1,000 plastic bottles that need to be disposed of or recycled. The cost of a water Ionizer is about $1700 and is a one-time cost. The machine is expected to last about 30 years. That's $56 per year for the machine plus replacement filters as needed.

Not only is alkaline water better for you, its cost effective as well. I don't know about you, but staying healthy and saving money sounds good to me!

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