Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thank you for your orders!

     As we start the new year we just want to say thank you. Our customers are the reason why Herbs First is here! Last year was a bit rough and to tell you the truth we seriously considered closing down.  I’ve spent more than 22 years dedicated to helping our customers. Many of you have been with us for much of that time! A smile always comes to my face when I see an order from a long-time customer! Thank you so much!

Kathryn & Don Mechling    I love talking to customers. I love sending you links that help you with your health issues. I love talking to you on the phone and helping you with your needs. I have been able to help many people figure out the best way to get the products that will help them. I love walking you through making Anti Plague, extracts and ointments, which is pretty scary for a first timer! A great day for me is when I’m talking to customers and taking orders. I feel needed and fulfilled and that makes me happy!

     We now have free shipping on orders over $75.00, something I thought we would never be able to do! Its working, thank you so much for your orders!

Hollie Gomez     We have the best support team ever. Hollie  has been with us for 16 years, works from home to process the orders and sends them over to the warehouse. She emails the tracking and attends to order issues which seldom ever happens! She is a single mom of two special needs children. Ben is 17, has Asperger’s Syndrome and is a junior at Spectrum Academy High School, which is a school for children with autism. Hollie’s daughter Elaina just turned 12 years old, and was born with a congenital heart defect and a chromosomal deletion (22q11.2 - DiGeorge Syndrome) that has required multiple surgeries and procedures. Elaina spends a lot of time in the hospital due to her weak immune system and multiple surgeries. Working for Herbs First from home has allowed Hollie to continue to support her family without worrying about missing work.

Jeff Thompson     Jeff is our one and only warehouse guy that keeps the warehouse running. He packs and ships your orders to the greatest of perfection! We have had many people email us saying how wonderfully packed their orders are! He rarely makes a mistake and we hardly ever have any breakage, all due to his skills! We appreciate Jeff so much and he has been our “guy” for 19 years! His wife Jamie struggles with health issues and he often will get the orders out early and head for home to be with her. We appreciate all he does for us and our customers!

     My husband Don sends out the newsletters as well as helping me with technical issues on the web-site. He has been a great support for me running this business for over 22 years! Did you know that Herbs First was the first website to offer the Dr. Christopher products on the internet? It’s true, we were here even before Dr. Christopher’s were! It all started because I was using their products and noticed how amazing they are and wanted to be able to help people with them! It has been a great business for us and we hope that you will continue to keep us here! We need you and we hope that you need us! Please share our website with others and help us stay here for you, and for the people that work for us!

Thank you so much!
Kathryn and Don, Hollie, Jeff and Jamie               

    Free shipping in the United States on your $75.00 order! Order online or phone in your order at 801-228-1901. Email me and I can send you links to help you learn more about what you need to know!

Wishing you the best as you strive to care of your family!

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