Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Immu-Defense is Dr. Christopher's Anti Plague formula in capsules

    Immu-Defense is Dr. Christopher’s Anti-Plague formula and as far as I know, Western Botanicals is the only company that makes it in capsule form. This has made it available for all the people that cannot hande the not so pleasant tasting syrup. We always keep a few bottles at home so we have it whenever we are exposed to sick people. Here is an email conversation that I had with the CEO of a company that we own stock in.

Steve: Would you mind if I reschedule our meeting today? I began coming down with flu like symptoms yesterday and I woke up not feeling well. I came to the office and I seem to be getting worse. I can feel a fever coming on and I think I should probably go home to bed since I have a flight in the morning. Can we plan to meet same time next Wednesday?

Kathryn: Next week works. Hey, we have some herbs for that!


Steve: Thanks. Where do I get them? I’ve been taking echinacea and emergenC.

Kathryn: We sell it on our Herbs First website, I have a bottle, are you still there? I could run it over to you.

Steve: Yes, I’ll be here for another 20-30 minutes. Thanks!

    I ran the bottle over and he did look really bad. I told him I would hit it hard with three capsules every half hour for a few hours, then every hour or so the rest of the day and six times the following days until well.  When we went for our meeting the following week he forgot that we had a meeting, so we sat in his office and talked to him on the phone.

    My first question was to ask how he was doing. Steve said the Immu-Defense worked so well, he made his flight the next morning and he was able to enjoy watching his daughter’s hockey tournaments over the next few days. He really didn't even think about the fact that he was so sick when he started taking it, and is sold on the effectiveness of Immu-Defense.
Order Immu-Defense in capsules or syrup and any of the other great prodcuts we carry online at Herbs First, or phone in your order 801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

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