Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's Get Healthy in 2015

    Are you still trying to figure out that diet thing again?  Year after year it’s the same problem after the holidays, are you tired of it yet?  Dr. Christopher’s healing plans for any health condition always starts with the Three Day Cleanse, and following his Mucusless Diet.

    Eat any whole, live, raw or steamed foods - fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and if desired a small amount of fresh fish or organic chicken. People that eat this way are able to maintain a healthy body weight as well as staying healthy.  No counting calories or points, and you lose the cravings for bad foods when you eat real food, because your body is satisfied.  Change is hard but so worth it.

    There are many websites with great recipes to help you on your journey.  Herbal Legacy, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Hyman, Food Matters, and the list goes on.  There are plenty of people eating this way. Let this be the year that you make the change for the better. You will be happy that you did!

Dr Christophers Appetite Formula    Dr. Christopher's Appetite Formula is for people that need a little extra help getting the appetite under control. It is renowned for its unique ability to maintain metabolism and lessen the appetite. This formula acts as a blood purifier, aids kidneys in relieving excess fluids, feeds the body for relief from nervous tension generally caused by diets, appeases the appetite, feeds the thyroid and other malfunctioning glands and thus gains a healthier state for holding weight control.  Order Appetite Formula capsules.

Feel free to email me, or call me with any questions 1-801-228-1901.

Have a great month!

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