Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Herbs For Colds & Flu Season

    I had a customer call recently to say that they were sick and that the Infection Formula wasn’t working. I asked how much they were taking and they said 2 capsules a day. Two capsules of any of the following: Dr. Christopher's  Infection Formula, Immune System Formula, Western Botanicals Immune Boost Formula, Immu-Defense Formula or Goldenseal Combination would work great to boost your immune system and fight bacteria or virus if you have been exposed to sick people. A great dosage when you feel you have something coming on is at least 2 capsules three or more times a day of any of the above formulas, and I have taken them as often as every half hour when things were really bad.  Note that the Flu & Virus Formula is now called Goldenseal Combination - it is a great formula to fight both bacteria and virus bugs and is available in liquid as well as capsules.

    A few days ago I felt a little drainage at the back of the sinus before it drains into my throat.  My throat thankfully wasn't red but I could tell that things were headed the wrong way. I like to hit things hard to get rid of them fast and not let it develop into anything worse so I took 2 Infection Formula, 2 Immu-Defense capsules and 2 Immune System Formula.  I took this three times on the first day as well as the second day. On the third day it felt perfect, but to be safe I took one more dose of all three formulas. It has been quite a few days and I continue to be healthy.

    The three days I took the herbs cost a total of $7.00 which is really a small price to pay to not get sick.  Years ago I would be sick six weeks every winter and hardly able to take care of my family.  Learning the principles of health and making the diet changes, and adding the herbs into our routine has been priceless to our family.

    Recently I saw the Dr. Oz show. He asked people if they ask their doctor for an anti-biotic and if the doctor gave it to them.  Quite a few doctors did and Dr. Oz told the audience that antibiotics don’t work for illness caused by a virus. People wanted help and that is why they went to the doctor.  Here at Herbs First we have the products to help you get well. We hope that you will order them to have on hand so that you can keep your family healthy.
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