Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is it time to make the switch to Natural Medicine?

Dr. Chrishtopher's Formulas

    Dr. Christopher’s formulas are 35% off, bulk formulas 15% off through Friday June 28th 11:00 am MT.

    It is alarming to know that prescription drugs now kill more people in the US than Heroin and Cocaine combined.  Another sad fact is that over the counter drugs are just as dangerous.  We know a 12 year old girl who died from a Tylenol overdose and numerous people that have died from prescription drug overdose.  Having your child die is a hard way to find out that all medications need to be locked away.

    Drugs treat symptoms and once prescribed can lead to the need for more and more medications to treat the side effects. Natural medicine works on the cause to bring a person back to good health. It takes time and people need to be willing to change.  Much of the healing can happen with implementing the correct diet, adding herbal formulas and essential oils make the healing happen even quicker. Learn more about the difference between Natural Healing vs. Conventional Medicine here.

    Do your homework on whatever you have been prescribed and see if you are experiencing any side effects or symptoms that are listed from taking the drugs. The herbal formula names give an indication of the ailment they treat.  Scroll through the various pages of Herbs First website or call us at 801-228-1901 to see what natural treatments may be beneficial to you.  It is up to you to decide whether you are willing to continue your current course or if you have had enough and are ready to make some changes toward better health.

    Resolving the underlying cause of health issues is much more rewarding than medicating the symptoms. Obtaining good health is simple, but making the change often is not easy until you have incorporated healthy lifestyle habits. Enjoy eating whole natural foods and avoid chemical-laden, processed foods and drinks that have no value and are in fact detrimental to you.  Engage in an active life of movement and exercise, and your body will reward you with the good health you have been searching for. The choice is yours, I assure you it is worth it!

    Search for answers to health and healing on the Herbal Legacy website run by The School of Natural Healing.  Then come back and purchase these Dr Christopher's formulas at Herbs First.

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  1. I just ordered a capsulizer from Kathryn. She was kind and helpful with the shipping options, helping me find the least expensive and fastest shipment method to my home here in Altadena, CA. She's like "I'll get it done." Wow. Such a far cry from the other companies I've had to deal with.