Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get Healthy by Rebounding!

The older I get, the harder I work on staying healthy.  I have found exercise to be a huge part of my ability to maintain my health.  I have joined gyms in the past, but with the high cost of membership, plus the time to get there and the cost of gas I decided to work out at home.  I only have 2 pieces of equipment, one is a Treadclimber and even though we bought it used it was still a rather expensive purchase.  The other is my ReboundAir rebounder which cost one fourth of what I spent on the used Treadclimber!

ReboundAir    Rebounding stimulates lymph flow, it affects every cell in the body squeezing toxins out of the cells.  Rebounding boosts the immune system and metabolism.  Rebounding strengthens all of the muscles, you can feel it in your entire body. Rebounding causes you to breath deeper, which is amazing therapy for the lungs.  Learn about more of the health benefits here.

    I have struggled with back problems off and on for the past five years. Three months ago I was in a lot of pain from my lower back which ran down one of my legs.  I have gone to numerous chiropractors and therapists trying to fix this problem.  A few months ago I found a new chiropractor who has finally been able to get to the crux of the problem.  Now my back health is going in the right direction giving me the motivation to really get moving!

    I had really gotten slack this year on my exercise due to the pain and felt like I needed to bump up my intensity. The past three months I have dedicated most of my exercise time to the rebounder. I can feel the muscles in my back strengthening and helping to keep the adjustments in place.  Rebounding is low impact, gentler on all of the joints, and at the same time it is a body strengthener.  I am able to do more than 40 minutes on the rebounder and it is amazing how much better I feel, not only physically but emotionally as well.

    We have amazing pricing on the ReboundAir rebounders.  They come with a lifetime warranty.  I was in their office recently and noticed that the cover changed from the vinyl to neoprene.  I loved the look and feel of the neoprene, and also the fact that it is more flush with the rebounder. Sometimes I would catch the edge of the cover and about trip.  I could see that this would be less of a problem with the new cover.  I mentioned it to them and they gave me a new neoprene cover, no questions asked!! It is nice to know that they care about their customers.  The quality of this rebounder is amazing, I will never have to worry about replacing it.

    The Standard rebounder and the Half-Fold will hold up to 300 lbs in body weight.  The Ultimate ReboundAir folds into one quarter its size and holds up to 400 lbs in body weight.  There is a great stabilizing bar for people that need something to hold onto.  Rebounders are great for all ages from kids to Great-Grandparents.  My dog even loves to jump on it with me!  Our pricing is below what ReboundAir sells them for.

PS - I have a Treadclimber that hasn't been used for quite some time! 
Have a healthy month!


  1. I have a 10 yr old with Aspergers and ADHD would rebounding have any benefits for him? He loses focus quickly, but seems to have energy to burn. We're in a small apartment, so I don't have a lot of available space, which size would you recommend?

  2. Rebounding is beneficial to everyone. I notice that I feel more balanced & happy with better brain function when I am being more diligent with the rebounding. I know from personal experience that exercise works wonders for ADHD kids. The following link explains that after a few days using the rebounder ADHD kids are calmer. http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/ADHD.htm I think it would be very therapeutic for special needs children and all kids love jumping!
    I understand the issue with a small apartment and that would be something you would need to decide. All of the rebounders are 40” in diameter. You do want it easily accessible so that it is getting used. I keep my rebounder on the side of my family room and move it to the center when I use it. I can still use it where I keep it and often will jump for a minute or two when I go by. I find it very energizing to do this, I don’t get sweaty, and it gives my metabolism a boost.