Friday, December 28, 2012

Are guns the problem or is it psychiatric drugs?

David & Fawn
    We have a link at Herbs First to David & Fawn Christopher’s A Healthier You radio show that is broadcast live on the internet on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 am Mountain Time - you can listen to the recording of the most recent show at the above link.  It is important for people to listen to this show, because David is talking about the fact that psychiatric drugs mess up people’s thought processes.  Many people have committed suicide that never had suicidal thoughts before medication.  Many of the people that are mentally unstable and on these medications are the ones that have gone into schools, movie theaters and malls,  killing people.  Mental issues can be corrected through diet and herbs without the violent side effects that medication has. David has done extensive research on the fact that the medication is the problem in these violent situations.  This is likely the only place you are going to hear this information.  Please note that only the newest show is available for free listening, the above post was the newest show when this blog was posted.  You may have to subscribe to access this show.
    The second half of the show David answers people’s questions.  This is often my favorite part of the show because you never know what he will end up talking about.  One caller was asking for help with arthritis and I learned a new way to treat it with David’s answer. He talked about using Immucalm, which I know is helpful, but in a larger dose than I would have thought to use.  This information is for any autoimmune disease from Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and so on.  David suggests taking five capsules five times a day of Immucalm for two weeks and then go down to 3 capsules three times a day and see how you do on that dose.  If symptoms are worse going down then stay with the 5 caps five times for a while.  He says that it may take a year or so, but staying on the higher dose will help the over-active immune system to calm down and overcome the disease. Of course people need to be working on the diet as well, because diet is the main component to every healing program. If it is too costly to buy the capsules, get the bulk - purchase equal parts of Astragalus and Marshmallow and mix them together.  1/4 level teaspoon will be about equal to each capsule, so 1/2 tablespoon would be about 5 capsules.  These two herbs are very mild tasting, so I would just mix it in water and drink it down five times a day. A stick blender is the handiest gadget to have around for mixing herbs into juice or water and well worth the investment. 

    A Healthier You radio show is another great way to educate yourself.  Listen free to the latest show, or sign up to be able to access many years of shows for $60.00 a year.

    We appreciate all of our loyal customers and wish you a healthy and Happy New Year!

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