Thursday, December 15, 2011

BFC Hair and Scalp Massage Oil for Thinning Hair

thinning hair
    I have been working on my thinning hair for a little over two years using the BF&C Hair and Scalp Massage Oil. My mother had thinning hair as does my sister, and in looking around at women I have seen quite a few that have the same problem.  I don’t have a before photo, but what you see in the photo is the hair coming back in.  It likely would have come in much quicker if I had been more diligent about it,  I was only remembering to use it about once a week or so, but lately I will remember about 5 days a week.  We tried it on my husband but he has been bald for too many years.  For people that are beginning to have thinning issues I think they will have great success using the BF&C Hair & Scalp Massage Oil, along with the BF&C Shampoo and Conditioner
    My 20 year old nephew has been using all three BF&C hair products for many years.  He has alopecia and as long as he continues to use it he is able to keep his hair looking pretty nice.  He rubs the conditioner into his eyebrows and lightly on his eyelashes to get the nutrients to those areas since they are affected as well.  Alopecia is thought to be an autoimmune disease.  Immucalm would be a good formula to help calm down this type of reaction in the body.
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  1. I was noticing that the white hair that had been coming in is going back to my natural color. I have started using the Rosemary Tea to rinse my hair, as well as using the BF&C Massage Oil on my whole head once a week. The thought of keeping my natural color is very appealing to me.