Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fenugreek for Hot Flashes

I’ve been struggling the past year with hot flashes and have been having a crazy time getting my system balanced. I did well for over five years taking 2 Hormonal Changease twice a day, then suddenly it just wasn't’ working. I increased to 2 Hormonal Changease three times a day and that didn’t help, and even 3, three times a day gave me no relief. I added Female Reproductive and didn't get any result. I tried other things and even made my own Wild Yam cream with no relief. Not fun!

This past month I started adding Fenugreek seed to my diet, starting with 1 capsule three times a day. Each week I would increase it it by one. When I got to 3 capsules three times a day the “magic” happened. Sweet relief, I feel normal again! My temperature remains at a nice constant level with no hot flashes whatsoever! Happy day!

Fenugreek is used world wide as an herb and as a spice. Here are a few of the known uses of Fenugreek:
  • balances hormone levels aids in treating PMS and menopause.
  • helps milk production
  • diabetes aid for blood sugar regulation
  • helps to lower elevated cholesterol
  • soothes gastrointestinal inflammation
  • improves digestion
  • enlarges breast tissue
  • the seeds of fenugreek contain choline which may be helpful for memory loss and to slow down the aging process
  • treat bronchitis and asthma
  • inflammation, pain, joint pain, gout, rheumatoid arthritis cramps such as period pains or digestive cramps

  • Pregnant women should not use fenugreek, since it may cause uterine contractions.

    Fenugreek is available in Christopher's capsules, Western Botanicals capsules, extract and bulk powder & whole seed.

  • Order online or call 801-228-1901 to order.


  1. I am only taking 1 capsule twice a day and it cured hot flashes instantly, the very next day.

    1. Wow, that is a great success story!