Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Essential oils are affordable and easy to use!

Pure Essential OIls

My last entry was about how great I am doing using the Fenugreek for my hot flashes. I don’t have hot flashes at all anymore and stay a nice even temperature all day and all night long. Sweet relief! Since I take so much I can go through a bottle of capsules pretty fast so with the bulk on sale this month I decided to see what it was like just mixing it in water. I started with a level teaspoon and it upset my stomach if I took it on an empty stomach. I have found that I do well on 3/4 of a teaspoon two to three times a day. I sometimes don’t get a dose in the middle of the day and have done fine, no flashes. If I feel like I am too warm then I remember that I need to take it, but I have had none of the hot flashes that are so uncomfortable.

Since the essential oils are on sale this month I decided to be adventurous and order some oils I have never tried before. I got the Digestion blend and when I got the stomach ache from the Fenugreek I rubbed the Digestion Essential Oil on my stomach. Within ten minutes I was completely better and went on with my day. Last night I had the same problem with the Fenugreek on an empty stomach before I went to bed, so I rubbed it on my stomach and went to sleep. This morning my husband mentioned the lightening storm that we had last night, and I said, we had a lightening storm? Everyone was talking about it on Facebook, so it must have been quite a storm that I entirely slept through! I’m going to have to remember to use Digestion the next time I have trouble getting to sleep.

I got the No Mo Pain in the roller ball as well as the 15 ml bottle so I can remix it myself. I love this blend, I’ve mainly used it for muscle pain the last two weeks and look forward to using it for other problems. It works fast and smells great!

X-Plague has been a favorite of mine since we added the oils to the site. With school starting soon, this would be a great one to use to keep the immune system up and protect the kids from all the germs out there. I like to mix 60 drops in with a bottle of the Glandular Massage Oil and put it on the tonsil area of the throat. That would be an easy thing to do every morning before the kids head out to school Mixed in with the Glandular Oil it will last a long time and be a great value for the money and for keeping the kids and yourself healthy!

My son loves the smell of Lemon Oil and when he was young he would have a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil in his pocket and get it out and smell it when he felt like it. Lemon Essential Oil is a stimulant to brain and helps to clears thoughts and aids concentration. Being that he is ADD I guess that he felt this without realizing it was helping him. I wish I had known about Vetiver back then, what a great pure essential oil for ADD/ADHD kids it has turned out to be!

I bought a few other blends and haven’t had the need to use them yet, but I look forward to seeing what they can do for me. I like how fast and effective pure essential oils are. I bought some for my niece to use for herself and kids and she is having great results too.

We sell Garden Essence Essential oils, they are pure therapeutic grade oils, the best available Compare them to any of the network marketing oils, ours are affordably priced at a fraction of the cost.

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