Friday, June 24, 2011

Herbs for Blood Poisoning

It is pretty common to hear stories of people getting a bee sting or a mosquito bite and within a day or two the tale tale sign of blood poisoning appears with a red streak running up the persons arm or leg. Often what follows is a week in the hospital where the person goes through some pretty painful and gruesome procedures. It is the lucky ones that come home in tact, but sometimes the person ends up losing an arm or leg because modern medicine isn't able to get the infection down fast enough.

With natural healing the problem of blood poisoning is very simple to take care of. A weed that is found in many lawns is the cure; Plantain. Take a good look at the photo and remember what it looks like, so that if you find that you have a red streak running up your body you can take care of it. When you are at the park, or school, or on a hike look for Plantain and remember what it is used for. This knowledge can literally save your life.

To use plantain tear off some leaves and chew them up in your mouth and then apply them to the affected area. Leave it on the area and replace with fresh Plantain every few hours. It will take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, but worth it vs. the alternative. You can also use Stings & Bites Ointment which is Plantain ointment. Tea Tree oil is also a good one to use on questionable bites and sores and handy to carry around as well. Drink Plantain tea, or take the Infection Formula to quicken the healing. You can also use the cut or powdered plantain if you have it on hand.

Knowledge is power and this little bit of knowledge can be a simple solution to an otherwise very difficult situation.

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