Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aspartame Poisoning

December 14, 2010 I had some considerable pain in my ear followed by vertigo. I put the Ear & Nerve Formula in my ear along with the Garlic oil and did this for quite a few weeks, but the vertigo persisted. By the end of January I was pretty tired of feeling dizzy all the time so went to an Ear Nose & Throat doctor. He felt it was a fluid imbalance in my ear (which I told him it was) and the medication he wanted to put me on would have dried me out and affected my eyes, so I didn’t do what he suggested, since dried out eyes are much worse than being dizzy!

I consulted quite a few of my alternative medicine friends over the next few months trying different homeopathic remedies, herbs, energy medicine, etc., but the dizziness persisted. In May my aunt who loves to forward all kinds of interesting tidbits emailed me about Aspartame Poisoning. I had read this report before and thought I would go ahead and save it, not intending to read through it at the time. I had the feeling that I should read it and so I did. I got to the bottom of the article and was going to save it and had the feeling of, read it again, you missed it! So I then thought to myself, it said vertigo, dizziness & tinnitus! I then read through it and felt “why did I do this to myself, I know better!” I eat a pretty good diet and avoid artificial everything all the time because I want to be healthy and you do that by eating nutritious food.

I had gotten into chewing gum when I started the HCG diet and most gum has aspartame in it. I really didn’t think that a piece of gum would hurt me, but a little piece of gum three or four times a day over six months got to be too much for my system. I continued to chew the gum on into May when I received the email. That very day I threw the gum away and I actually felt better that day and was totally symptom free within a few days!

The story continues because I thought at that moment that I should use all the cleansing herbs, but got hit with hay fever, so ended up working on those symptoms. I have done really well with hay fever for many years but now my symptoms were really bad and I was quite miserable. Last Friday I was lying in bed thinking, why do I have to have this crazy hay fever, when the thought came to me that I needed to cleanse. And I thought, DUH, I was going to do that, I need to get that aspartame poison out of me! It was 3:00 am at the time, but I got up and took the cleansing herbs and couldn’t believe the difference, the symptoms calmed way down right away! I have continued to use the cleansing herbs over the weekend and will continue with them for a month to make sure I get cleansed of the aspartame. The hay fever is better and better every day, and I feel I have learned a pretty good lesson! Good thing!

People tend to think the cleansing herbs are bogus and why should they use them? Well this little lesson I had is pretty good proof that there is a need to cleanse. If you are having health issues that aren’t clearing up please cleanse!! Cleanse if you are working on losing weight and it isn’t coming off, fat holds on to the toxins! It is a good idea to do a six week cleanse at least once a year because we are constantly being bombarded with toxins. We have a great cleansing kit that is very discounted making it a great value!

Read the information on Aspartame Poisoning, as there are many illnesses out there that may be caused by Aspartame as well as MSG, such as fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, multiple sclerosis, central nervous system disorders, infertility, weight problems, Parkinson's Disease and so on. The chemical structure of aspartame causes the body to mimic these disease symptoms, but bottom line, it's aspartame disease. I have read about other people’s symptoms being cleared up pretty quickly when they get off the aspartame, so if you know anyone that is ill, please let them know.

The Alkaline Water machines are 15% off through July 4th. I started drinking Alkaline water four years ago and highly recommend it. Dr. Christopher taught people to drink distilled water, which works well for most people. I drank distilled water for over ten years, but had a slight bladder infection that persisted for those ten years. One month of drinking the alkaline water totally cleared up that bladder problem and I feel fantastic! I find when I travel it starts to flare up, so I make sure I have enough water to get me through when we are vacationing.

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There is a ton of information on this site about why alkaline water is so good for you. There are hositals in Japan and Korea that use this water for healing, using alkaline water internally and acidic water (on the ph scale) for external problems. I hope you will take time to learn more about it.

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