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Herbs to help you stay healthy and Cold Tonic Recipe

This is the time of year that you have to keep on hand formulas to help you stay healthy and help you fight illness should you come down with something. While listening to Dr. Christopher’s Herb Lectures what Dr. Christopher said really stood out to me, “We do not use toxic, poisonous or habit forming herbs:”. I hope that people understand the importance of that statement. It is comforting to know that the herbs we are giving our children and ourselves are safe.

I know how frightening illness is when small children get sick, people can feel helpless when they don’t know what to do to help their children. I went through my own learning curve as a parent, and had experiences of going to doctors and figuring out that they usually couldn’t do anything except pat my hand and take my money. After a few years of this I decided that there had to be a better way, so I started visiting Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop in Orem Utah where I live, and started using his herbal formulas.

One of the first formulas that we used is Anti-Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula) and we went through gallons of it at my house. After several years of having a very sick family every winter someone said to me that Anti-Plague is for people that “let” their kids get sick. That gave me a lot to think about. The most important thing I learned is that it is easier to stop a cold at the first symptom than to get over it once you have gotten it. Now we recognize when we have a cold coming on and take herbs to boost the immune system, instead of waiting until we are sick when it often leads to worse symptoms. Everyone is much happier now that we don't get sick, because Anti-Plague is about the worst tasting thing any of us has ever tasted!

Both Dr. Christopher’s and Western Botanicals have some great formulas to choose from when it comes to treating infants, children and adults. Since we are in the midst of winter and more and more people are getting sick, now would be a good time to order some formulas to keep everyone healthy.

I treat my family at the first sign of sickness such as sniffles, sore throat, fever, or just being exposed to sick people such as at school, church, work or shopping. Two great formulas for children are the Kid-e-Mune and Immune Boost Syrup, both are great tasting and easy to get kids to take. Often one dose will do the trick, but if it doesn’t I would continue to give one of the formulas for a few days, along with cutting out sugar and drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. Kid-e-Well is a good one to take if things progress a bit more.

I can avoid getting a cold by taking the Immune System Formula along with the Infection Formula. The Immune System Formula boosts the immune system and the Infection Formula helps move the toxins out of the blood stream and is a great infection fighter. My son came home for lunch one day and I could tell he was coming down with something. My kids have gotten a bit stubborn as they have gotten older, so I said “it sounds like you are coming down with a cold, you can either take the Immune System Formula and Infection Formula or enjoy being sick”. Luckily he took the herbs and didn’t get sick. Watch for the signs and act on it quickly, so you don't have to deal with the whole family getting sick.

There are many formulas to choose from if things get worse, and at the top of my list is the Super Garlic Immune Formula (Anti-Plague). This is for people with a strong stomach and it is truly a life saver with its healing abilities. I make my own and have the recipe if anyone is interested. This is the formula that Dr. Christopher came up with for “plagues” and advised people to keep a good amount on hand for those occasions. The Chest Formula is a great flu formula, Herbal Cough Syrup and Respiratory Syrup are two great syrups that people can feel safe giving their kids when they are looking for a “cold and cough syrup”. I like to use the Glandular Formula capsules and massage oil along with the other formulas to aid in healing. I take a bottle of the Glandular Massage oil and add 25 drops of the 3 in 1 or X-Plague Essential Oil Blends to make an amazing healing oil to rub into my neck and feet. This is an easy one for kids to use and is one I use at the first sign of a cold along with the formulas mentioned above.

Another favorite is Echinacea and Goldenseal, Western Botanicals has it available in capsules as well as alcohol extract and syrup. Western Botanicals also has a great Flu & Virus formula, Herbal Cough Syrup and Herbal Super Tonic and their own version of Anti Plague in syrup as well as capsules which is great for people with a weak stomach that want the great healing power of this formula. It is good to have several different formulas on hand to use, since our bodies will react differently depending on the bug that is going around.

People that have a lung weakness should stay on the Lung and Bronchial Formula during the winter months to keep the lungs strong. I used to get Bronchitis every winter for at least six weeks, but since I started staying on the Lung & Bronchial Formula I no longer get Bronchitis. The Lung and Bronchial Formula is well worth taking every day for people with asthma, etc. Anti-Plague is a wonderful one for the lungs as well and is what I would take when I got Bronchitis. I have talked to many people with asthma and they feel that Anti-Plague has been a real life saver for them as it will stop an asthma attack.

Another must have for any family with kids is the Herbal Ear Drops. A 1 oz. bottle will last most families at least a year, get a new bottle every 2 years to keep it fresh. Many kids always get an ear infection along with the cold, usually a few doses will do the trick and help everyone to get a good night’s sleep.

Here is the famous Cold Tonic Recipe that was given out when I was going to The School of Natural Healing. You purchase all the ingredients fresh from the Grocery Store, it take two weeks to make, but is another great infection fighter to have on hand.

Cold Tonic

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
1 part fresh chopped Garlic Cloves
1 part fresh chopped White Onion
1 part fresh grated Ginger Root
1 part fresh grated Horseradish Root
1 part fresh chopped Cayenne Peppers or the hottest peppers available, i.e. habanero, African Bird, etc.

Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full w/equal parts by volume (i.e. a cup of each) of the above fresh chopped and grated herbs. Then fill jar to the top with raw apple cider vinegar. Close and shake vigorously and then top off the vinegar if necessary.

Shake at least once a day for two weeks, then filter the mixture through
cheesecloth and bottle and label. When you make this tonic shake it every
time you walk by it, at least once per day but the more the better.All the herbs and vegetables should be fresh (and organically grown if possible) and use dried herbs only in an emergency.

This tonic is extremely powerful, the dosage is 1/2 to 1 ounce, two or more times daily (1- 2 Tbs.). Gargle if you have a sore throat and swollow. Do not dilute, take it straight.

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