Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quick and affordable way to heal an ear infection fast!

    When our kids were little and before we were into natural medicine every doctor’s appointment seemed to be for an ear infection. The worst part was that it would crop up on Friday night about 10:00 o’clock, and there was no “Instacare” back then. My son had such issues that he lost some hearing in both ears due to the problem.
Western Botanicals Herbal Ear Drops    Once we learned about Herbal Ear Drops the doctor visits stopped and the infection problems were cleared up overnight. Western Botanicals Herbal Ear Drops cost less than $20.00 delivered, and a bottle will last two years if kept in the refrigerator. As soon as we realized that our child had an ear infection we would put a few drops in their ear canal, covered with a cotton ball. Within a few minutes they would be peacefully back to sleep and would be fine in the morning. I would always follow up with a dose in their ear the following evening and everything was fine after that. Herbal Ear Drops contain Garlic bulb, Mullein leaf and flower, Lobelia herb and seed, pure Olive Oil and is so soothing and healing.
    Is an ounce of prevention worth about $20.00 to you? This little bottle will save you far more than that if you have kids or grandkids in the home. I sure wish we had known sooner about this great formula. Order some today!
Order online at Herbs First, or phone in your order 801-228-1901.

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