Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Four Western Botanicals Formulas for a Healthy Heart

    An overworked heart can wreck havoc on your health. One of the key factors to keeping your heart healthy besides diet and exercise is to have proper blood flow and circulation. Western Botanicals has four natural herbal formulas that help to maintain and boost proper blood circulation.

Western Botanicals Cardio PlusCardio Plus: With a healthy diet, regular exercise, plenty of water, Western Botanicals Cardio Plus can help to better support healthy blood pressure. This formula is made with all-natural ingredients and herbs to help support a strong, healthy heart. Many herbs found in Cardio Plus have been known to help support healthy blood pressure as well as arteries and veins.

Western Botanicals Hawthorn Berry SyrupHawthorn Berry Syrup: The heart is what pumps blood through the circulatory system. Medical research has shown that Hawthorn Berry supports the heart in its essential function to nourish every cell of the body through circulating blood. Western Botanicals Hawthorn Berry Syrup is very popular with people who are concerned about heart health.

Western Botanicals Heart FormulaHeart Formula: A healthy heart with proper blood circulation is essential to life. Western Botanicals Heart Formula is made of natural herbs that support proper cardiac function. With regular exercise and a heart-healthy diet, this herbal formula can help to maintain regular circulation, supporting the heart and its primary function.

Western Botanicals Vascular SupportVascular Support: To improve the function of the circulatory system with proper blood flow, consider Western Botanicals Vascular Support Formula. In order to have a healthy heart, the state of the veins and arteries (vascular system) needs to be functioning properly. Having correct circulation will help your blood pressure levels, and it will help the blood transport essential nutrients that your body needs.

Please talk to your doctor or medical professional about which of these herbal formulas will be best for you in your efforts to maintain a healthy heart and proper blood flow.
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