Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are you SAD in the winter?

        For years I have struggled with being depressed in the winter and I could never figure out why. I am always fine through December and then on January 1st this black cloud comes over me. I  really struggle getting through the first two months of the year and I learned that there is a real disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression. It tends to affect people that live far away from the equator and more often women.

Dr. Christopher's Mindtrac    When SAD hits me I take Dr. Christopher’s Mindtrac, which is an amazing herbal formula for anxiety and depression. Herbs aren’t addictive, so it is easy to use them when needed and stop taking them when you don’t. I have used Mindtrac off and on for over eighteen years for anxiety and depression. Anxiety runs in my family and this formula really helps those symptoms as well. I will take both Mindtrac and Relax-Eze when there is a lot of nervousness involved.

    Other things that help me get through the winter months are exercise and walking. In the morning I do about 40 minutes of exercise and it helps me get in a better place and is a great start to my day. I especially like to walk outside when it is sunny, but the sun doesn’t shine all the time in Utah. My husband and I still go out and walk in the cold gloomy weather and that helps lift my mood to just be out in the fresh air.

    I know I am going to get through things this winter. It helps me knowing what SAD is, and when winter depression hits me I have my plan of action to get me through.

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Have a great month!

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