Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Herb Do I Use For My Ailment?

    I noticed a lady at church that didn’t seem to be doing very well.  I asked her if she was okay, and she told me about all the medication she is on.  She just switched health care plans and the new insurance company sent her three months worth of medications for all of her prescriptions.  She told me that her hormone pill looked different and she felt terrible on it.  Her high blood pressure pill looked different and she did not feel good at all on it either.  She named medications for other ailments and all the medications were different than what she had been using and she was worried! I’m sure other people are experiencing the same thing with the changes in health care and they should be worried!

    I figured out pretty early on in my adult life that I did not like giving the power to decide what to do for my health to another person.  I learned this the hard way when at twenty I had radioactive iodine treatment for hyperactive thyroid.  That procedure can’t be un-done and I will forever live with the consequences.  Since that time I have been more mindful of how I treat my body via food, herbs, essential oils and other alternative therapies. 

    There are alternative treatments for all ailments, and it is up to us to take the time to learn what they are. Even though health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of alternative medicine, herbs are affordable to use. A months supply of herbs would cost about the same as a co-pay. Herbs and oils work, and don’t have the terrible side effects.

    We know that you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to your health.  At Herbs First we carry a few product lines, and that is because we only sell the products that really work. When you have questions, we are here to answer them via email, where we can reply back with links, or via phone at 801-228-1901.

Ailments List
Abrasions - Bentonite Clay,  Coconut Oil,   Comfrey OintmentComplete Tissue & Bone OintmentCTR OintmentRash Ointment 
Acne - Bentonite Clay,  Blood Detox Formula,  Blood Stream Formula,   Essiac Formula,  Female Balance FormulaHormonal Changease Formula, Liver & Gall Bladder FormulaLiver/Gallbladder Formula 
ADD/ADHD - Attention Calm FormulaAttention Focus FormulaEFA Blend for ChildrenEssential Oils,  Herbal CleansingKid-e-TracMindTrac, Relax-EzeRebounding 
Adrenals - Adrenal FormulaAppetite FormulaAppetite Balance Oil   Ginseng Plus FormulaSuper Adrenal Support Formula

Allergies - Allergy FormulaBlood Stream FormulaHerbal Cough Syrup, ImmucalmJurassic GreenKid-e-SootheNettleRespiratory Congestion,   Sinus Allergy FormulaSinus & Lung Extract,   Sinus Plus Formula

Anal Fissures - Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment
Anemia - Female Tonic FormulaHerbal Iron Formula,  Jurassic GreenMale Tonic Formula 
Anthrax - Anti-PlagueBentonite Clay,   Super Garlic Immune Formula
Anxiety DisordersComposure OilDepression FormulaFemale Balance FormulaKid-e-TracLiver Transition FormulaMindTracNerve Calm,   Relax-Eze
Apoplexy - Antispasmodic
Arthritis - Anti-Inflammation FormulaBentonite Clay,  Cayenne Heat Ointment,   Complete Tissue & Bone FormulaComplete Tissue & Bone OintmentCTRCTR OintmentDeep Heat OintmentImmucalm,   Joint FormulaJurassic GreenKid-E-Soothe

Asthma - Anti Plague,   AntispasmodicImmucalmKid-e-SootheLobelia, Lung & Bronchial Formula,   Sinus Plus FormulaSuper Garlic Immune Formula  

Athletes Foot - Bentonite Clay,  Black Walnut Extract,  Complete Tissue & Bone OintmentGarlic OilMyrrh OilTea Tree Oil,  X-Ceptic  
Bedwetting - Bladder FormulaKid-e-Dry
Bi-Polar Disorder - Composure Essential Oil BlendDepression FormulaFemale Balance FormulaKid-e-Trac  Liver Transition FormulaMindTrac, Nerve CalmRelax-Eze
BladderBladder FormulaKid-e-Dry,  Kidney FormulaKidney/Bladder FormulaKidney/Bladder Tea

Bleeding Gums - Herbal Tooth Powder (Christopher's),  Herbal Tooth Powder (Western Botanicals)

Blood Circulation - Blood Circulation FormulaCayenneHawthorn Berry Heart Syrup

Blood Poisoning - Bentonite Clay,   Stings & Bites Ointment,
Blood PressureBlood Circulation FormulaCardio PlusCayenne, Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup
Blood Purifier - Blood Stream FormulaBlood Cleansing TeaBlood Detox Formula, Burdock capsulesLiver Detox Tea

Boils - Bentonite Clay,  Black Drawing OintmentBlack Walnut ExtractBlood Stream Formula
Bones, broken etc. - Bentonite Clay,  Complete Tissue & Bone FormulaHerbal Calcium Formula
Bones, children - Kid-e-Calc
Bowel Disorders - Colon CleanseColon Comfort FormulaColon Detox FormulaHappy ColonLower Bowel Formula,  Kid-e-RegQuick Colon Cleanse #1Quick Colon Cleanse #2Turkey Rhubarb Formula

Bronchitis - Anti-PlagueGlandular System Massage OilInfection Formula, Lung & Bronchial FormulaRespiratory Congestion OilSuper Garlic Immune Formula
Bruises - Bentonite Clay,  Complete Tissue & Bone FormulaComplete Tissue & Bone OintmentCTR,  CTR Ointment

Burns and Sunburn - Bentonite Clay, BF&C ConditionerComplete Tissue & Bone Ointment,   CTR OintmentLavender Essential Oil
    This is the beginning of an ailments list.  We will add to it and at the end combine them into one page on our Herbs First blog.

Have a great month!

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