Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time to De-Junk Your Body!

Herbal Cleansing Kit    If you have been dealing with some long-standing health issues, or just need to lose some weight, then going on Dr. Christopher's extended herbal cleanse will help you reach your goals. Toxins build up in the organs and throughout the body.  Cleansing helps to release the toxins thereby making it easier for your body to overcome health issues including excess weight.  Order a Dr. Christopher Cleanse Kit  and be on your way to better health today!

    From Halloween through New Years is the sugar season where people indulge in way too much of the wrong kinds of food.  I have been off sugar, so didn’t eat any, but by new years eve my husband was pretty tired of eating the sweets. Lots of people are sick now, because sugar does a pretty good job of lowering your immune system.  If you are sick, here are a few of my past newsletters to help you get back to health.

    Herbs First carries Dr. Christopher's and Western Botanicals lines of herbs and Garden Essence Oils at an affordable cost. Put in your order today!  Order online or call 801-228-1901 to place an order.

Have a great month!

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