Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spices that are Herbs for Healing

    I enjoy the fact that so many spices we use in our kitchen are also amazing healing herbs.  We have many of these spice-herbs available in essential oils, vegicaps, extracts and bulk, making them easy to use for everyone.

    Celery Seed is a natural diuretic, that can reduce excess water buildup and decrease the uric acid that causes pain and inflammation in gout and arthritis. Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

    Cinnamon, a favorite in cooking and amazing as an herb.  Cholesterol reducer, pain reliever, diabetes treatment, weight loss, yeast infection fighter and more.  Who knew that this little spice could do so much?  Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

    Clove is an aromatic spice that does wonders as an herb.  Used in parasite cleanses, for digestive problems, toothaches, insect bites, as a bug repellant, for rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

     Cumin is a great source of iron and calcium and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, has antibacterical properties, and used for digestive problems and gas. Available in bulk powder and whole seed.

    Fennel helps digestion and relieves indigestion, gas, dyspepsia and colic, as well as reducing intestinal spasms. Available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk as well as in the The Garden Essence oil blend Digestion.

    Garlic, known to all as the herbal antibiotic, used anciently in both healing and nutrition. Used as a nerve tonic, lowering hypertension, equalizer of blood circulation, and helpful for respiratory infections.  Available in vegicaps, extract and bulk as well as in Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune Formula and Western Botanicals Anti-Plague formula in vegicaps and syrup.
    Ginger is one that I have used for motion sickness. When taken before the trip and I always do fine in the car or on the plane.  Use Ginger at the onset of your period, it is incredible for keeping the cramping at a minimum.  Ginger is available in essential oil, vegicaps, extract and bulk.

You can purchase single herbs as well as many herbal formulas at Herbs First.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Single Herbs in Vegicaps, Extract and Bulk

    People are amazed at the variety of single herbs that we have available from Western Botanicals.  People get comfortable using the formulas and don’t realize what single herbs are used for.  It is worth having the Ailments CD which is free with the coupon code AilmentCD with a $100.00 herb order.  You can search which herbs and formulas to use for ailments, and learn about single herbs and what they are used for. 

Single Herbs Available from Acai to Yucca

Acai Berry is very high in antioxidants with even more ORAC value than cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry. Available in powder which is easy to add to fruit smoothies. Available in vegicaps.

Alfalfa, Dr Christopher shares a story in his Herb Lectures CD's about the family that was incarcerated in a concentration camp during the Nazi occupation of Europe. The family found the strength to carry them through to the end of the war when they were released. The key was an alfalfa plant growing in the corner of the compound inside the fence. Each member of the family secretly ate a few leaves of the plant every day, allowing the alfalfa plant to replenish its leaves throughout the long months. The family obtained the necessary nutrients from the plant and maintained their health while others around them dropped dead from malnutrition. Alfalfa is in Dr. Christopher's Jurassic Green and I have found that Alfalfa is very essential to my diet. Alfalfa is available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Cayenne is one of Dr. John R. Christopher's favorite herbs and is used in many of this herbal formulas.  Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract, syrup and bulk.

Dandelion, a weed we all despise in our lawns, but an amazing herb that is high in protein, calcium, Vitamin A, C and B, and more.  Works as a liver cleanser as well as promoting the elimination of uric acid from joints.  A life saver to me back when I had gout. Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Kava Kava, my favorite muscle relaxant. I keep it by my bedside and take it on nights when I need it. Available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and bulk.

Yucca, used for inflammation of all sorts, including joint inflammations, bleeding, dandruff and hair loss. Used successfully to treat arthritis and rheumatism and related disorders. One of the herbs in Dr. Christopher’s Joint Formula.  Available in bulk.

You can purchase single herbs in vegicaps, herbal extracts and bulk, as well as many herbal formulas at Herbs First.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ImmuBoost Do It Yourself Kit

    Fall is a great time to get your extracts brewing.  A few months ago  I took a Healing @ Home class from Dr. Kyle Christensen, the author of the book Herbal First Aid and Health Care.  He is a founder of Western Botanicals, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know him and taking his classes.  He taught us how to make the Immune Boost Syrup and you are going to learn how easy it is to Do It Yourself!

    The ImmuBoost Do It Yourself Kit we have put together will make six gallons of finished Immuboost Syrup.  One gallon of Western Botanicals Immune Boost Syrup (thirty-two 4 oz. bottles) would cost  $900.00 and you can order it here if you don't want to make your own.  If you split this order of herbs with six people it will cost each person about $32.00 just for the herbs, with shipping!  Buy 2 bottles of Vodka and 2 quarts of Maple Syrup (for each gallon) from your local store and it would cost about $90.00 total to make a gallon of syrup.  That is 10% of what it would cost to buy it already made. 
Making extracts is easy, after you make one for the first time you will rarely buy prepared extracts.  You can get so much more for the money! Canning season is going on right now and bottles are easy to get.  I bought a pack of 6 two quart (half gallon) jars for $7.99.  I've seen them as much as $11.99, but whatever you pay for the bottles you will have them for a very long time.

Directions for making ImmuBoost Syrup

ImmuBoostFormula do-it-yourself kit will make 6 gallons of finished product. Buy this if you want a huge amount, or have people you can split the order with. This is the only size we can put together.

About ImmuBoost Formula: this formula contains some of the most powerful immune stimulants known. ImmuBoost strengthens the immune system to better fight off viruses, and infections. ImmuBoost increases the number of immune cells in the body.

The primary ingredient in ImmuBoost is Echinacea. Echinacea has been scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria and speed wound healing. This very powerful and potent herbal combination should be used at the first sign of illness.

Purchase the ImmuBoost Formula do-it-yourself kit by clicking on the add to cart button on the page. This will add all the herbs to your cart that you need for this formula, which are:

2 - Echinacea Root (Angustifolia) - cut 16 oz.

1 - Echinacea Root (Angustifolia) cut 4 oz.

1 - Echinacea Root (Purpurea) - cut 16 oz.

1 - Cat's Claw Bark - cut 4 oz.

1 - Cinnamon Bark - cut 4 oz.

1 - Ginseng, Siberian (Eleuthro Root) - cut 4 oz.

1 - Pau D'arco Bark - cut 4 oz.

1- Usnea Lichen - whole 4 oz.

ImmuBoost Herb mixtureImmuboost in the bottleOther item you need to purchase from a local supplier.

    6 - one gallon jars or 12 - 1/2 gallon wide mouth jars to make tincture/extract in

    12 - 2 liter bottles of 80 to 100 proof Vodka

    12 quarts Maple Syrup, or buy as needed to make the great tasting syrup.

    Combine all the herbs except Usnea Lichen in a very large container that has a lid. The one I use holds 42 cups. Mix the ingredients well and then put either 4 cups into a gallon bottle, or 2 cups into a 1/2 gallon bottle. Divide the Usnea Lichen into equal parts for the gallons or quarts. About 2/3 of an ounce each for the how to make Immuboost gallon bottle or 1/3 of an ounce for the 2 quart bottle. Break it up a bit and then put in into the bottle on top of the other herbs. It is pretty sticky, so just do your best with it.

    Fill the bottle with Vodka one inch from the top - it takes about two, 2 liter bottles to fill the gallon, one 2 liter bottle to fill the 1/2 gallon. Put the lid on tightly and then shake it around to get the herbs all mixed with the Vodka. Put in a dark place and shake 2 to 3 times a day. Let tincture brew for a minimum of two weeks and up to six weeks.

    Strain and press the herbs out of the tincture/extract. Use a potato masher or squeeze it through a paint strainer or cheese cloth to get all of the liquid out of the herbs. Discard the herbs and bottle the finished extract. ImmuBoost tincture/extract can be used with the alcohol, put a dropperful into a cup of hot water to let the alcohol disperse, or make the yummy kid version with Maple Syrup that follows.  The extract in the Vodka has an indefinite shelf life if kept in a cool dark place.

    Measure the tincture/extract and put it in a pot on the stove on very low heat to let the alcohol evaporate off. Reduce it down to half of what you started with. Add an equal amount of maple syrup to bring it up to the original volume. Make a batch with the Maple Syrup that you can use up in a year or so and keep refrigerated.  Make the syrup as you need it and you can have this on hand for a long long time!  Dosage is usually a dropperful, which is what naturally is drawn into the pipette.

    Click here to order amber bottles, dropper bottles, spray bottles and roller bottles.

Feel free to email me or call me 801-228-1901, if you have any questions. Have a great month!