Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alternative medicine for hayfever and allergies!

Spring is just about here and for people that struggle with hayfever now is the time to do something about it before allergies kick in.  A good way to combat this problem is to do Dr Christopher's  three day cleanse. This flushes the toxins out of the body so that it is better able to combat the pollens. For people that have had allergies for many years they may also want to do Dr Christopher's  extended herbal cleanse.  Dr Christopher's cleanse kits are only $110.50 for a six weeks cleanse and includes 4 - Lower Bowel, 4 -Liver & Gallbladder, 2 Kidney, and 2 Blood Stream Formula. (Available in extract and capsules)

Immune System Formula    Another great help for allergy sufferers is to boost the immune system with Dr Christopher's Immune System Formula, so it will be strong and less affected by the pollens. Allergies are an overactive immune system response, so by building it up people will have a better chance of not being affected by pollens.  (Available in capsules)
Adrenal Formula

    Many allergies can be traced to weak or fatigued adrenal glands. Dr Christopher's  Adrenal Formula can strengthen, tone and rebuild the adrenal glands while giving the body more energy and relief from allergy symptoms. (Available in capsules)

    It is always best to correct the cause rather than endlessly search for relief from the symptoms. With a cleansed body and a built up immune system the body should be better able to handle the onslaught of pollens. It is time to enjoy spring instead of being miserable through it.

    Should symptoms arise we have wonderful formulas to help you through:

Sinus Plus    Dr Christopher's Sinus Plus is for sinus problems that plague so many people during allergy season. Since breathing is a big part of life, there are times when this formula is a real help. It does a good job of opening up the airway. (available in extract and capsules)

The Nasal Cleansing Pot is also a great help for people with sinus issues and for as weird as it sounds it really makes a big difference and is quite easy to use.

Immucalm    Dr Christopher's Immucalm is a formula that I didn’t understand, so I didn’t use for a long time.  I have come to love this formula, and the more I learn about it, the more I am amazed at the ingenuity of the person that put these herbs together. Immucalm was designed to calm yet strengthen the body's immune responses. Often, we believe that we are allergic to certain foods, plants or animals, but in reality our immune system may be overreacting. Immucalm helps calm the overreacting immune system, which in turn alleviates the symptoms. (Available in capsules)

    Western Botanicals has great formulas for these problems:  Allergy Formula is an immune calming formula, and Sinus Allergy is a wonderful sinus and allergy formula. Western Botanicals also has Immune Boost Formula which is great for boosting the Immune System, and Ginseng Plus for the Adrenals.  These formulas are available in capsules, extract and syrup.

    We hope as spring time comes that you will have a wonderful allergy-free year.

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