Monday, October 8, 2012

Nerve Formulas Heal Nerve Damage, Epilepsy, Tourettes, etc.

    I had a customer email today reporting that her sister had a tooth removed over a year ago and in the removal it ripped up her gums as well as the nerves with some being exposed.  The gum healed but she has been suffering terrible pain as well as seizures sometimes causing her to not be able to move her mouth and at times to speak. She has had doctors and dentists tell her that nothing is wrong with her and some even saying she is faking it!  It is experiences like this that converted me to natural healing, because there is always a cure with natural healing and they never treat you like you are crazy!

Relax-Eze    I have had two dentists damage nerves that took some time to heal.  The first time I wasn’t using the herbs, I ended up with a numb face for about two years before it finally healed on its own.  The second adventure actually happened three times before I switched dentists.  When work had to be done the dentist ended up damaging nerves with the shots.  I used Relax-Eze to heal the problem, but it took a huge amount of it to heal - 4 capsules at least 4 times a day for six months!  Hard to believe that it took me three times to figure out the dentist was not good at all!  I have never had any problem since I switched to my present dentist.

    For the customer I let her know my story and suggested the Relax-Eze, having the patient work with the herbs to determine her dosage.  I like to start with 2 capsules, if that takes care of the pain then when the pain comes back take two again as needed until the healing occurs.  If two wasn’t enough, then try 3, then 4 and so on until you find the dosage.  Then take as needed for as long as needed.  Ear and Nerve

    For the seizures Dr. Christopher has written quite a bit about using the Ear & Nerve Formula which is an extract.  In Dr. Christopher's writings it is called B&B.  I have read and heard about many miracle healings of Epilepsy, seizures, hearing loss, Tourettes and stuttering all clearing up using his program.  You can learn how to follow the program on Herbal Legacy.

    This weeks lesson from An Herbal Legacy of Courage follows Dr. Christopher as he becomes an herbalist and opens a practice.  Not having enough money to sustain his family he works a gardener in the morning, harvesting the herbs that he uses in the afternoon to heal his patients.  Learn from him as he developes more healing formulas that we use today.  

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