Wednesday, April 27, 2011

L-arginine Plus - Cardio Health Formula

L-arginine Plus
I love when science discovers a way to help people maintain their health with a natural product. In 1998 three American scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the role Nitric Oxide plays in the cardiovascular system and throughout the body. Nitric Oxide (NO) has since been called the “Miracle Molecule”.

Nitric Oxide has been found to relax and enlarges blood vessels, prevents blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks, regulates blood pressure, reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation and reduces accumulation of plaque in blood vessels. This also boosts HGH production, helps to build muscle and reduce body fat, preserves bone density and supports healthy sexual performance.

L-Arginine also has many health benefits aside from what Nitric Oxide alone can do. In recent clinical studies it has been proven to build lean muscle, boost HGH production and preserve bone density. Naturally, L-Arginine has grabbed loads of attention for its heart and general health benefits.

The second amino acid, L-Citrulline aids in the sustained production of more L-Arginine and increases energy levels. No other supplement is as complete as L-Arginine Plus. Beside the two amino acids, it provides your body with a perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to reverse the aging process and improve overall health.

L-arginine Plus is based on a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough that some consider to be one of the most important advancements in the fight to naturally lower High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack, and Sex Drive Loss, in the last 50 years!

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